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How to spell OLLOW correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "ollow", fear not! There are a few possible correct suggestions you can consider. One option is to type "follow", which is likely what you intended. Alternatively, you could try "allow" or "hollow" depending on the context. Proofreading always helps avoid such errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell ollow correctly

  • aglow The city looked aglow with sparkling lights during the Diwali festival.
  • allot The teacher will allot twenty minutes for the presentation.
  • allow I will not allow you to disrespect others in that way.
  • allows The new software update allows users to access more features than before.
  • alloy The bicycle frame is made of a lightweight alloy.
  • bellow The angry bull began to bellow loudly, warning the farmer to stay away.
  • billow
  • blow The wind was so strong it could easily blow down the inflatable bounce house.
  • callow
  • elbow I accidentally hit my elbow on the door handle.
  • fallow The farmer decided to let his field lay fallow for a year so that the soil could regenerate.
  • fellow I am delighted to be working with such an accomplished fellow.
  • flow
  • follow
  • glow The sun was setting, casting a warm, orange glow over the horizon.
  • hallow The night was hallow as families gathered at the cemetery to pay tribute to their lost loved ones.
  • hollow
  • low The water level in the river is too low for boats to pass through.
  • mallow
  • mellow After practicing yoga, I always feel mellow and relaxed.
  • oleo My grandmother used to cook with oleo instead of butter.
  • Ollie Ollie is a common skateboarding trick.
  • orlon She always wore her favorite orlon blouse.
  • oslo
  • pillow She hugged the soft pillow tightly and drifted off to sleep.
  • plow The farmer used his plow to till the soil in preparation for planting.
  • sallow The woman's sallow complexion suggested that she was unwell.
  • slow The traffic is moving very slow today.
  • tallow The candle smelled like tallow.
  • wallow After a long day at work, I just want to come home and wallow in my bed.
  • willow The willow is a tree that grows in wet areas.
  • yellow The sunflower is a bright yellow flower that is often used to symbolize happiness.

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