Correct spelling for OPOINTED

We think the word opointed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for opointed

  • appointed At the head of each was a Governor appointed by the King of England.
  • opened Then he opened them quickly.
  • painted I'll get a new sign painted, too!
  • pointed "There, he's coming round fast now," and he pointed to Linnell's staring eyes.
  • Anointed Right so came this damosel Linet before them all, and she had fetched all the gobbets of the head that Sir Gareth had thrown out at a window, and there she anointed them as she had done to-fore, and set them together again.
  • Opined Mr. Bamberger, never impatient of stupidity, opined that this could be got over easily.
  • Panted This was blow for blow, and ever since then Dr. Gowdy had panted to open the second round.
  • opted British Columbia opted to produce an enhanced ID card to be used as proof of citizenship at land borders.
  • punted The current was so swift and the wind so often in the wrong direction that sails were almost useless, and the boats were rowed, punted and towed upstream with a great deal of hard labour.

201 words made from the letters opointed

4 letter words made from opointed:

dine, doot, tope, tipo, podi, deop, dope, tion, poti, tide, diet, iton, ento, pood, teip, nido, tine, onoe, odeo, oont, peon, pido, eipo, doin, pion, dent, iten, otoe, nipe, open, ooid, ondo, noto, toop, pntd, ideo, tido, oned, endo, dote, node, poet, pied, tied, dono, edit, done, pone, indo, pond, pedi, peto, pine, tono, pent, dein, nito, noio, enid, dint, itno, opet, opon, neid, topi, odin, note, pedo, poot, etoo, tend, poit, doon, nodi, pint, nied, tepi, odio, tone, doto, iodo, toei, oton, poon, oedo, toed, todi, poin, odet.

3 letter words made from opointed:

pie, don, nit, dip, tod, opt, pei, nip, pid, tin, ode, ipo, den, pen, ido, pin, pet, ion, pod, doe, oed, epi, edp, one, tip, net, ten, die, pot, edo, poe, poi, oto, not, tie, neo, toe, dot, end, pit, tpn, idp, too, ton, ent, nod, ono, top, dit, din, eon, iod, ted.

5 letter words made from opointed:

noted, doten, optio, ponto, poted, inept, pinte, ootid, odein, noite, ideon, ooten, toein, opone, ndeti, donot, tined, dioon, tipon, denio, ontop, toine, denti, pinot, epton, pooed, toned, toone, netop, tendo, doone, pondo, ponti, indeo, tieon, pedot, point, oneto, pineo, inetd, ponet, pinto, nieto, tiden, nepit, odone, intoe, nooit, tepid, topio, opted, piton, itoen, depot, potio, donop, ooped, tondi, opine.

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