What is the correct spelling for OPOLOGIZED?

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Correct spelling for OPOLOGIZED

We think the word opologized is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for opologized

  • apologist When we discover that the heads of all parties are of the same hot temperament, and observe the same evil conduct in similar situations; when we view honest old Latimer with his own hands hanging a mendicant friar on a tree, and, the government changing, the friars binding Latimer to the stake; when we see the French catholics cutting out the tongues of the protestants, that they might no longer protest; the haughty Luther writing submissive apologies to Leo the Tenth and Henry the Eighth for the scurrility with which he had treated them in his writings, and finding that his apologies were received with contempt, then retracting his retractations; when we find that haughtiest of the haughty, John Knox, when Elizabeth first ascended the throne, crouching and repenting of having written his famous excommunication against all female sovereignty; or pulling down the monasteries, from the axiom that when the rookery was destroyed, the rooks would never return; when we find his recent apologist admiring, while he apologises for, some extraordinary proofs of Machiavelian politics, an impenetrable mystery seems to hang over the conduct of men who profess to be guided by the bloodless code of Jesus.
  • apologize I apologize for having detained the House so long, but this is a matter upon which I feel strongly, and I feel all the more strongly about it because I know that I am trying altogether too feebly, but as strongly as I can, to represent what I know to be the wishes nearest to the hearts of tens of thousands of Irishmen who went with me and their colleagues to France, many of whom will never return, all of whom are suffering the privations and the hardship and the risk and the wellnigh intolerable circumstances of life in France.
  • Apologized "I didn't know yez had company, Miss 'Lissie," she had apologized.
  • Apologies He began to make sum sort of apologies, that the ackounts were behindhand, and so on, but I telled him I warn't partickelar about all the little items, an that I only wanted to get at the ginneral sum; but as he still seemed to be hesitatin, thinks I to myself, now's the time to show him the President's letter-that will fix him, sure.
  • Eulogized We are told of Commodore Anson-a man whose sense and courage ultimately triumphed over a series of perhaps the most appalling disasters man ever encountered, and who won for himself, by his magnanimity, sagacity, and cool resolution, the applauses of even his enemies, so that Rousseau and Voltaire eulogized him, the one in history, the other in romance,-we are told, we say, of this Anson, that when raised to the British peerage, he was permitted to select his own motto, and that he chose an eminently characteristic one-"Nil Desperandum."
  • apologizes To get the real spirit of the islands it is advisable to find one of these quiet nooks and read Celia Thaxter's "Among the Isles of Shoals," a book of sketches for which the author needlessly apologizes, but of which Mrs. Annie Fields says, "She portrays, in a prose which for beauty and wealth of diction has few rivals, the unfolding of sky and sea and solitude and untrammeled freedom, such as have been almost unknown to civilized humanity in any age of the world."

268 words made from the letters opologized

5 letter words made from opologized:

golod, dolpo, legio, oiled, gediz, glide, oziel, gidel, idole, goole, pelog, goold, diplo, loipe, gepid, goodo, pegli, glope, golop, looie, degli, dilgo, dooze, lodge, digel, polie, pized, lopid, pledg, goleo, ploeg, odiel, diple, ooped, logoi, logie, deoli, dogle, gelid, zooid, oligo, geoid, oezil, polog, opole, oelig, ogodo, poldi, podil, golez, lipez, dezio, egoli, pooed, igloo, giedo, delgo, oopod, oldie, pzled, poodl, piezo, goelz, piolo, gilde, polio, poile, golpe, oodle, dileo, gelpi, digeo, zilog, piled, dogie, delio, zeoli, oogie.

4 letter words made from opologized:

zied, gold, gilo, lido, egoi, golz, geld, ilpo, ized, doog, oleo, deop, gedo, pood, olde, gedz, pile, loog, peli, ideo, opel, oizo, zolp, peil, odio, plog, igel, giel, leoz, goil, gozi, deol, idle, dope, lope, goze, gole, gdel, pozo, dooz, ooze, zeig, idol, plod, ogle, loei, igoe, olig, legi, deli, ilze, odol, odel, zile, ilgo, lode, pool, dolo, zide, ozel, gied, odle, good, podi, ziel, gooi, eizo, pedo, zieg, poel, elio, dize, pole, dole, diez, zoli, leio, diol, iodo, zool, gool, doel, doge, dego, izel, gooz, ozio, pogi, dozo, ogie, zelo, loop, dogi, gizo, delo, zoid, zeil, lodz, ooid, egoz, polo, pedi, eipo, odeo, zeid, doze, looe, goop, plei, pido, lidz, pied, pleo, pilz, gild, olie, godo, gooo, idog, logo, pize, lozi, gelo, lezo, loge, dogz, egli, lied, piel, oedo, ileo, pego, oeil, gozo.

3 letter words made from opologized:

igd, poi, dog, loo, goo, lie, oed, pod, idp, pie, epi, dip, edo, leo, dig, dol, peg, gel, eld, ezo, ige, pei, ido, leg, edp, log, led, ode, lid, god, zip, pig, old, pol, dle, pel, pid, oil, lop, poe, ilo, zoo, iod, zep, pdl, ipo, zig, lez, doe, gop, gdp, ego, lip, zed, die, lei.

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