Correct spelling for OPONNENTS

We think the word oponnents is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for oponnents

  • opponent Naturally enough, Harry had, Don reflected, expected to step into Gafferty's place without opposition when news of the extent of the latter's injury had become known, and it was undoubtedly a big disappointment to him to discover that he had to fight a new opponent.
  • openings A good many of them must bring money away with them, and there are business openings everywhere; but you never hear of their going into anything over here."
  • opponents The opponents used to meet the day before to compare their arguments, that the same might not come twice over.
  • opinions I have no other opinions.
  • deponents
  • pennants

180 words made from the letters oponnents

5 letter words made from oponnents:

nones, toops, noson, soton, poons, noops, poste, noone, pents, tenno, oonts, tenon, stoop, opens, posen, nenno, poots, tonne, peons, nepos, spent, onnen, espoo, ponto, neots, ooten, snoep, potes, posto, onnes, oneto, sonne, stono, osteo, notes, ponos, nonos, ontop, stenn, opone, pones, etons, potos, snoot, ponet, otson, onsen, spoto, tones, tenso, spoon, stoep, netop, toons, stoen, stone, epton, topos, snoop, tonen, enson, optos, noons, tonos, noten, ponts, toone, osone, stonn, penns, sopot, onset, poets, tenos, peson, opson, speno, seton, noose, nonno, notos, spoot.

3 letter words made from oponnents:

ton, son, eos, poe, ten, pst, eon, opt, ent, set, est, pet, sot, sen, pen, oto, ops, one, pes, sop, too, pot, stp, tpn, toe, top, sep, neo, not, net, nne, ono.

4 letter words made from oponnents:

open, osen, spot, none, pone, poon, noto, opet, snot, sone, poet, note, toso, tono, sept, onoe, pons, pent, oont, nonn, noen, onon, onos, stoo, tope, teso, oton, toop, etoo, pest, peon, stop, onne, neon, opon, soot, peto, pose, eons, post, tons, penn, epos, soon, nets, tsen, sent, onno, ento, nono, tone, oons, step, otoe, oseo, spoo, peso, noon, tsoo, nose, esop, nest, pots, tops, onen, poot.

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