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We think the word ora is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ora

  • ara These birds were said to have been blue and yellow; if so, probably they were my Ara erythrura, whose precise island home is unknown.
  • bra BRA. Mistress, I will; he shall not pass this land, But I will bring him bound with this strong hand.
  • cora " Cora, we won't quarrel about this.
  • era To those hopeful spirits who looked for the near approach of a happier era, Alfieri was the inspired spokesman of reform, the heaven-sent prophet who was to lead his country out of bondage.
  • ira But Mr. Brotherton took the spoons to Mr. Ira Dooley's home of the fine arts and crafts, and then and there, mounting a lookout stand, addressed the crowd through the smoke in simple but effective language, showing the spoons, telling the boys at the gaming tables that they all knew Denny Hogan's wife and how about her; that she wanted to get in right; that the spoons were sent to him to sell to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand.
  • oar Off the seat he tumbled, and, with land-lubber's luck, unshipped the other oar and away it floated, and a mile from land, they drifted.
  • okra The same conditions that will produce good cotton or corn will be found suitable for the production of okra.
  • ola For a time he struggled against the conviction; but when the condition was actually realized, a paroxysm seized him. He raised his hands wildly, and shouted, Ola! Ola! The cry smote the walls near by until they rang again, and, flying down the passage, died lingeringly in the many chambers, leaving him so shaken by the discordance that he cowered nearly to the floor, as if, instead of human help, he had conjured a demon, and looked for its instant appearance.
  • or 131, 159. 1227 Or.
  • oral There must always be time for direct oral questioning on the facts of the lesson; questioning that will test the student's memory, ability to analyze, and powers of expression.
  • oran On coming back to Algeria the Legion filled up its ranks once more and was scattered in little detachments over the province of Oran to play, for the sake of variety, the part of settlers, digging wells, building villages, and laying roads-till the year 1870.
  • orb "Several changes of day and night passed, and the orb of night had greatly lessened, when I began to distinguish my sensations from each other.
  • ore Means, no doubt, that the ore must be more than commonly rich at the farther end of the tract; they are getting out pure heavy copper, and keeping to that end all the time.
  • orr Browning questioned, as the incident is related by Mrs Orr, "What do you say to a drama on Strafford?"
  • ra 66. S-uaz-ka- Ra, 1 year.
  • Fora afarensis remains include Omo, Maka, Fejej, and Belohdelie in Ethiopia, and Koobi Fora and Lothagam in Kenya.
  • Ora The anterior continuation of the retina beyond the ora serrata has been a subject of much discussion.
  • Ova They will, all of them, eat ova in enormous quantities, and many of them will also eat the little fish.
  • NRA It is the second nitrate reductase enzyme which it can substitute for the NRA enzyme in Escherichia coli allowing it to use nitrate as an electron acceptor during anaerobic respiration.
  • Dora Dora, no longer a child and his playfellow, but grown and formed, was, and looked as if she expected to be treated as, a woman.
  • Lora I had a long letter from Lora yesterday; she answered; the first since the close of the war.
  • Nora Nora had gone up-stairs and was setting the supper-table.
  • ORG org estimated that only 10 percent of high schools in the United States offered computer science education.

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