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How to spell ORAGE correctly?

If you meant to type "orage" but got it wrong, the correct spelling is "orange". This juicy fruit, known for its vibrant color and refreshing taste, is a great source of vitamin C. So, next time you're thinking about orage, remember to spell it as orange!

List of suggestions on how to spell orage correctly

  • age As you age, your body experiences various changes.
  • courage He showed great courage in facing his fears and speaking up for what he believed in.
  • enrage The rude comment from the stranger managed to enrage the normally calm and collected woman.
  • forage
  • Forager The forager scoured the forest for nuts and berries to sustain his survival.
  • Ora Ora is a popular Japanese name for girls.
  • oracle The oracle at Delphi was consulted by ancient Greeks for advice and prophecy.
  • orange
  • orate The politician spent most of the rally trying to orate the crowd with his inspiring words.
  • ore
  • ORG The org chart displays the hierarchical structure of the organization.
  • ORIG
  • osage
  • outrage The community expressed their outrage after the news of the local park's closure.
  • overage The store charged me an overage because the item was priced incorrectly.
  • rag I prefer to clean my car with a microfiber rag instead of a regular towel.
  • RAGA In Indian classical music, a raga is a complex melody structure that provides the basis for improvisation and expression.
  • rage He was filled with rage after discovering the stolen items.
  • rake He used a rake to gather the leaves in the backyard.
  • urge

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