Correct spelling for ORDANCES

We think the word ordances is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ordances

  • ordinance The ordinance of South Carolina had been called a "pacific measure."
  • ordnance One day the citizens, in proving some ordnance, terrified the whole court of James the First with a panic that there was "a rising in the city."
  • advances On one, and only one, occasion did she-the formerly free and independent Tess-venture to make any advances.
  • ordinances Since the ordinances were always liable to be called in question before the King's courts, they tended to become uniform and in harmony with the principles of the common law.
  • ordains This said, he first return'd; the faithful swains At distance follow, as their king ordains.
  • dancers As soon as she could, Claire found a refuge by the side of Mrs Barclay; but her hand was much sought after by dancers brought up from time to time by her father, and every time she trembled lest one of those present should offer himself as a partner.
  • dunces
  • ounces
  • ordinates
  • dances
  • atoneness

434 words made from the letters ordances

3 letter words made from ordances:

doe, dre, res, can, neo, nrc, cos, don, one, ore, nec, con, sen, sac, oed, den, nod, eos, doc, car, cad, des, dna, roc, sea, roe, end, scd, ane, esr, era, rod, das, ans, dos, ras, nad, oar, ade, oas, sad, eon, ado, rad, are, sod, ode, dec, ace, ceo, ron, doa, rna, edo, ear, red, ern, cer, son, cns, aec, arc, oca, sec, cro, nsc.

5 letter words made from ordances:

darns, adone, aenos, seond, codas, rande, conse, acned, asner, sarod, odesa, ensco, corna, nosed, dreno, norea, erdos, draco, cones, cased, rasco, scare, sonae, seaon, nerad, darne, sonar, reans, oscan, srdan, drane, soner, sarno, ocesa, daner, drace, oasen, creno, carno, acres, arnos, doren, oread, rodna, sendo, adeno, densa, sedan, ansco, soran, reads, eason, coras, ondes, sonce, coens, socan, darco, oecad, desco, corne, acone, arone, caroe, desac, danso, cares, aceos, coade, dorce, norse, crean, rands, rones, orden, ornda, ceras, saren, croan, drone, renos, nears, crans, earns, coden, redos, cosed, dorna, aceso, acero, adorn, arens, anode, necro, endas, denar, dcase, dance, arced, ances, easco, seora, raden, dones, roden, ansec, andes, dares, saone, crone, narcs, dacer, erdan, necas, nored, narod, ordan, rando, rocen, censo, oscar, coser, rados, sodae, anser, coder, arnes, canoe, eorsa, rosed, denso, darse, cerna, score, roade, cerdo, saned, scorn, radon, racon, saeco, deras, cosan, dosan, sared, dores, onder, cedar, corse, coner, scone, renco, doras, adeso, ercan, orena, oncer, carso, cored, ronse, rasen, acorn, saner, nardo, dacre, roans, ednas, rnase, ondas, neros, rocan, decor, snare, donas, noder, cords, nacer, drona, codes, sance, rends, caeso, rosan, scend, arson, doner, danse, sonea, rosca, sacro, ocean, derns, sader, rocas, derna, dears, rosea, arsed, doesn, sacer, saron, ranco, senor, roads, ronca, andrs, creon, senad, credo, donar, sorda, scrae, crode, cador, craon, nodar, cando, soare, caner, orens, ensor, crena, oners, cadre, adore, arons, snore, sedna, resod, soane, croad, nords, desra, cards, danco, cores, nacre, soeda, ceron, deans, crane, dorne, carns, sarde, ancre, redon, cornd, scrod, canor, onces, scode, corda, sored, sonda, aeons.

4 letter words made from ordances:

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