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How to spell OREFIES correctly?

If you meant to write "orefies", you might have intended to type "orifies" instead. Although, if you were referring to the word "ore", then perhaps "oreifies" could be an appropriate alternative. Double-checking your intended word or using a spell-checker can help eliminate such misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell orefies correctly

  • defies The talented magician's performance defies all logic and explanation.
  • onesies I bought a cute animal-print onesie to wear during the pajama party.
  • Orestes Orestes swore vengeance upon his mother for her role in his father's death.
  • orgies The ancient Romans were known to frequently engage in lavish and extravagant orgies as a form of entertainment.
  • orifices Dentists use different tools to clean the orifices in our mouths, such as toothbrushes and floss.
  • orreries The museum displayed an impressive collection of orreries, intricately designed models that depicted the movements of planets and celestial bodies.
  • prefixes She studied the history of linguistic prefixes in various languages.
  • rarefies As the air pressure decreases with altitude, it rarefies and becomes more difficult to breathe.
  • refiles The lawyer quickly refiles the motion after discovering an error in the original document.
  • refines The artist constantly refines her technique in order to create more intricate and polished artworks.
  • refits The company decided to invest in refits for all their stores to create a more modern and inviting atmosphere.
  • refries I ordered a plate of refries to go along with my delicious burrito.
  • reifies Our perception of beauty often reifies societal standards and expectations.
  • relies The success of the team relies on effective communication and collaboration.
  • reties I couldn't attend the party last night because a sudden business trip reties me to the office.

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