How to spell ORFACE correctly?

If you have accidentally misspelled "orface", the correct suggestions would be "orifice". An orifice refers to an opening or hole, commonly used in the context of anatomy or mechanics. Double-check your spelling before using a word, and consult a dictionary or spell-checker to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell orface correctly

  • deface The graffiti artist chose to deface the empty wall with his signature tag.
  • efface I tried to efface my mistake by apologizing, but my boss was still upset with me.
  • face She looked at me with a puzzled face.
  • office I'll be going to the office early tomorrow.
  • orifice The dentist diligently probed every orifice in the patient's mouth to ensure there were no cavities.
  • outface The opponent tried to outface her with their confident demeanor but she remained steadfast in her position.
  • reface I need to reface my old bookshelves.
  • surface The water's surface was calm and peaceful as the sun began to set.

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