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How to spell ORKING correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "orking" instead of "working", don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Autocorrect can sometimes lead to comical errors. To fix it, simply replace the 'o' with a 'w' and you'll have the word "working" correctly spelled. Remember to proofread before sending!

List of suggestions on how to spell orking correctly

  • asking She was asking me for advice on what to wear to the party.
  • Barking
  • booking I made a booking for a hotel room for our upcoming vacation.
  • Cocking
  • coking She's been coking since last night.
  • cooking
  • corking The bartender was corking the bottles of wine to ensure they stayed fresh.
  • docking The spacecraft was preparing for docking with the International Space Station.
  • Eking She was barely eking out an existence, living off of minimum wage and struggling to make ends meet.
  • forging
  • forking I twisted my ankle while forking over the steep hill.
  • Gorging After a week of strict dieting, she found herself gorging on pizza at her friend's party.
  • harking The harking sound made me jump out of my seat.
  • hocking
  • hooking He was accused of hooking his opponent in the boxing match.
  • Inking She spent hours inking intricate designs onto her skin, creating a beautiful and unique tattoo.
  • irking His constant complaints about the noise were irking his co-workers.
  • jerking The sudden jerking of the boat caused everyone to hold on tight.
  • joking I was just joking about doing the dishes.
  • king The king of the forest is the mighty lion.
  • Larking The birds were Larking contentedly in the field.
  • locking She double-checked that the front door was locking properly before leaving the house.
  • looking I'm looking for my lost scarf.
  • lurking I was lurking behind the bushes, secretly hoping to see the deer.
  • marking
  • mocking The children were mocking each other's drawings during art class.
  • Oaring My aunt uses an oaring to get around the canal.
  • Ogling I was ogling all the skimpy clothing the models were wearing.
  • Orin Please give me an orin.
  • owing
  • parking I had to circle the parking lot four times before I found a spot.
  • Perking The smell of fresh coffee was perking me up from my drowsy state.
  • poking
  • Raking I spent the afternoon raking up the leaves in my front yard.
  • Rocking The baby still kept rocking even after I had put him down in his crib.
  • Rooking
  • soaking
  • socking I didn't see him socking the guy in the bar fight.
  • urging He was urging his team to push harder and reach the finish line before their opponents.
  • working I am currently working on a new project for the company.
  • Yoking The cowboy was yoking the horses to the wagon before the long journey ahead.

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