What is the correct spelling for ORMAMENTS?

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Correct spelling for ORMAMENTS

We think the word ormaments is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ormaments

  • armament Our young leader hoped we might thus find an opportunity to apprise Wallace we were friends, and ready to swell the ranks of his little armament.
  • ornaments His type was a neat and clear one, though somewhat small, and the ornaments and initial letters introduced into his books were simple and in keeping with the general character of the types, without being in any sense works of art.
  • armaments In this message he mentioned the recall of the English Ambassador, the breaking out of hostilities, the unexpected message of the King of England to his Parliament, and the armaments which immediately ensued in the British ports.
  • firmaments When he came to the verge of the landing, and the river, sighing in its sleep, lay clear below him, mirroring the stars, it was as though he stood between two firmaments.

568 words made from the letters ormaments

5 letter words made from ormaments:

maemo, morta, stamm, ansem, raste, saton, marmo, menta, smena, sarto, orena, arent, tomes, earnt, morts, meron, ertan, roten, sonae, mante, ensor, maros, mosta, noema, ntare, meton, mamre, mosan, norms, ament, astro, moats, mensa, stran, tammo, masen, temas, enarm, aeons, ramet, remon, samet, arone, mason, snare, aenos, moten, neamt, morte, neram, merta, tensa, tenos, nerma, mesto, netam, monet, orest, satom, seram, sater, ommar, esrom, means, tomam, ronse, mento, naret, temsa, amens, orent, nomae, anser, nates, eason, ammen, oestr, mamer, neros, rosea, semna, roast, tenor, eorsa, netra, onate, ratso, menas, maner, stroe, rants, store, asner, moesa, aetos, morse, amont, resto, mater, etnas, antos, roate, teras, ormes, rnase, menam, senta, estan, ronte, norme, toner, aneto, masto, rasen, sammo, terms, meran, soare, tamer, oaten, teams, soner, oates, morea, saren, sanem, notas, namor, atone, rotas, asnom, termo, reast, reans, nomme, teano, samon, samen, metsa, orens, marse, norse, rates, names, emona, aster, meson, soran, ormea, romme, nomes, renos, erato, seman, smear, arson, saron, manor, tames, metan, rotes, moras, asten, otman, ormen, memos, stoen, omnes, aerts, rones, astre, anter, morae, soame, soane, tarso, monta, maron, masoe, anemo, renta, moena, satre, arens, moret, senor, retno, tmema, norem, orten, metor, ramot, momes, seton, ormat, amero, oster, earns, saner, morns, roman, rents, neots, mosen, stena, seora, steam, manos, monas, tomme, mesan, meman, reato, ronts, marts, omran, stoer, rotan, tares, oasen, otras, seaon, morat, matos, strae, natos, mesra, stern, soman, stora, arons, saone, terna, artos, mtera, metro, stare, tarmo, norma, roams, staro, amort, tenso, arnes, semra, arnos, atoms, mrema, norea, terao, senat, marot, astor, mames, maton, oemar, sonam, onset, momen, monem, terns, mamon, amtso, romen, omans, stone, tesna, mates, mamet, orate, manso, ernst, rosan, tears, menma, monae, storm, tarns, tamon, mores, temor, orant, toeas, moers, sonea, namer, monte, smarm, ommen, nerts, smart, osmer, manet, snort, manse, neato, tamen, roans, notes, stoma, sonar, stemm, nears, taros, netas, moest, eramo, maser, stoae, serot, somen, omens, emsam, mersa, sarno, armet, snore, ostan, semon, ratos, sotra, romae, tenom, oater, amron, moans, moren, memon, somme, oners, ostra, emman, etons.

3 letter words made from ormaments:

mes, eon, sam, tor, mot, sot, rna, atm, net, sen, arm, res, mem, ane, oar, sea, neo, trm, ant, est, mam, ore, oat, esm, mao, eta, ern, tom, men, eos, era, ear, ten, ter, stm, ret, mon, art, man, son, mat, tar, ron, tan, esr, sat, tam, ert, ate, mst, moa, ras, rem, set, tea, ton, mom, ram, mrs, ans, not, toe, oas, rom, rot, ent, are, rat, one, som, tao, nmr, mar, eat, roe.

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