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How to spell ORRANGEY correctly?

If you meant to type "orrangey" but want the correct spelling, the word you are looking for is "orangy". This term describes something that has an orange color or hue. Other possible alternatives to "orrangey" could be "orangeish" or "orange-toned" depending on the desired usage.

List of suggestions on how to spell orrangey correctly

  • arrange I need to arrange a meeting with my supervisor to discuss my job responsibilities.
  • arranged I have arranged a meeting with my boss to discuss future projects.
  • arranger The arranger helped the orchestra to rehearse and perfect the musical piece.
  • arranges The wedding planner arranges all the details to make sure the ceremony goes smoothly.
  • orange The orange sun slowly sank below the horizon.
  • orangery The elegant conservatory was actually an orangery, designed specifically to cultivate citrus fruits in colder climates.
  • oranges I love to snack on oranges because they are juicy and refreshing.

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