What is the correct spelling for ORVE?

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Correct spelling for ORVE

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Possible correct spellings for orve

  • are What you are to do?
  • carve He would not re-create the great kingdom of Poland: he would merely carve out from Prussia the greater part of her Polish possessions.
  • cave He represented Father Time coming out of his dark cave to greet the young Queen.
  • cove After a long and rough passage the vessel reached the cove of Cork.
  • curve The curve in the red lips straightened.
  • dive With a yell of rage Farley made a dive at his lighter opponent.
  • dove Jan filled her lungs and dove.
  • erie Away, and to our last remaining refuge near Port Colborne, on the shores of Lake Erie.
  • erse There are Polish newspapers, and Armenian, and Hebrew, and Erse and Gaelic.
  • eve But on the eve of the day on which they were to start at daybreak the young King of the Wahimas appeared before Stas and, bowing profoundly, said: "Kali goes with the master and the 'bibi' as far as the water on which great pirogues of the white people float."
  • five The look of patient waiting was five years old upon the face of Olive Girard.
  • give You ort to know yer own name, and you give yerself that name when you was a yearling.
  • have I have engaged Serjeant Snubbin.
  • hive In 1705 he published a poetical satire, The Grumbling Hive, or Knaves Turned Honest.
  • ire The fame of Theodore had spread far and wide in the Soudan; and probably the Egyptian authorities, in order to save that province from being plundered, or unwilling to engage at the time in an expensive war with their powerful neighbour, adopted that expedient as the best suited to appease the ire of their former foe.
  • jive By All Means Necessary is the second album from American hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, released on May 31, 1988 on Jive Records.
  • jove Jove help the boy!
  • lave Feemy, he said, as he attempted to take his sister's hand-which, however, she violently drew back from him-Feemy, I'm going to lave you a long time, and I must spake to you first,-perhaps the last words I'll ever be able to say to you at all.
  • live Even this accommodating scavenger cannot live by skim milk alone but must have it augmented by corn or prepared feed.
  • love "I love you, sister, when you are like this!
  • move Kitty did not move.
  • nave The transepts are unusually bright and cheerful, with a series of windows more beautifully designed than those of either the choir or nave.
  • nerve Count William of Holland dearly loved pluck and nerve.
  • oboe Oboe, clarionet, and piano, op.
  • ode The Commemoration Ode is the high-water mark of the attempt to do the impossible.
  • olive Olive Girard gave a startled cry.
  • one "Don't let any one know that you have it.
  • ooze All the worst features of the human race come to the surface; if a man has any of the leven of unrighteousness in him it's bound to ooze out in a big lump.
  • or 764, 3737, 1552. Or.
  • orb A generation of slow and doubtful progress must pass, before the first ray of sunlight can break through the eastern clouds and the full orb of day itself appear.
  • order A good breakfast was in order.
  • ore Run the ore down through the air in iron tanks; oh, it'll work all right, you wait and see.
  • oreo Android " Oreo" (codenamed Android O during development) is the eighth major update and the 15th version of the Android operating system.
  • orly [nb 2] By winter 1956, Jersey Airlines scheduled route network included Croydon, Bournemouth, Exeter, Manchester, and Southampton in England, Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey from the Channel Islands,[nb 3] as well as Cherbourg, Dinard, Nantes, Saint-Brieuc and Paris Orly in France and Bilbao in Spain.
  • orr According to Mrs Orr, Browning "neither claimed nor disclaimed the more remote genealogical past which had presented itself as a certainty to some older members of his family."
  • orzo Caffè dorzo (pronounced [kafˈfɛ ˈdɔrdzo], Italian for "coffee of barley"), often shortened to simply orzo, is a type of hot drink, originating in Italy.
  • oven If you are afraid your oven is too hot, throw in a little flour, and shut it up for a minute.
  • over There's the 'phone to speak over.
  • owe I owe it you to tell you.
  • pave And now it was a huge truncated cross, a T-shaped figure, hovering only twenty feet above the pave.
  • rave She had sketched it from a dozen different standpoints, and raved about it to her friends, if such a dignified young person as Miss Sommerton could be said to rave over anything.
  • rev Fletcher, James, 194, 197, 206, 209, 222, 224, 225. Fletcher, Rev.
  • rive He picked himself out of the dust, swearing under his breath, and Monsieur de la Rive, being a gentleman, and seeing that this quiet young stranger was disinclined for conversation, suddenly whipped up his pony and sped madly on ahead, the tails of his red coat streaming out behind him, the tip of his pointed cap fluttering and nodding over his thick white locks of hair.
  • rove "He must 'ave seen you do it," said the mate, letting his eye rove casually over Sam's ample proportions.
  • rover The Rover, who had rather suffered his unsettled glances to wander over the youthful countenance of Gertrude than towards her companion, now bent his eyes on the last speaker, where he kept them fastened so long as to create some little embarrassment in the subject of his gaze.
  • rv If there is a bicentric quadrilateral with inradius r whose tangent lengths are e, f, g, h, then there exists a bicentric quadrilateral with inradius rv whose tangent lengths are ev, fv, gv, hv, where v may be any real number.
  • save We shall save you, Jim!
  • serve I am yours also, dear lad, and I wish to serve you.
  • soave Chianti Classico DOCG or Soave Superiore DOCG).
  • urge "Why do you not urge your views," asked Mr. Boteler, "on General Lee?"
  • verve The national genius has also shown itself in another direction, in works which, like the ancient eglogas-the contemporary zarzuelas of Lope de Vega and Calderon-and the torradillas of the last century shine brilliantly by the verve, the gaiety, the strength, and delicacy of their comic sentiment....
  • wave Most likely they'll get orders to clear out, by short wave.
  • wive
  • Ave For Gabriel to our lady with Ave Maria Came never gladder than I shall to this knight.
  • Ere "But gae ye up to Otterbourne, "And wait there dayis three; And, if I come not ere three dayis end, "A fause knight ca' ye me."
  • Gave And Maloney gave a very ugly smile.
  • Gyve For he that beggeth or bit, But if he have nede, He is fals with the feend, And defraudeth the nedy; 4610 And also he bi-gileth the gyvere, Ageynes his wille; For if he wiste he were noght nedy, He wolde gyve that another That were moore nedy than he, So the nedieste sholde be holpe.
  • Hove The crew had a sort of an idea who I was, and if there'd been any rough weather, they'd have hove me overboard, like enough; for they were a rough, ignorant lot, and had a notion that I brought bad luck to the ship.
  • I've "No." " I've only to shut my eyes in this second-hand air-to think I'm back among the steel mills of the lower Monongahela."
  • Oe OE ligature and oe ligature have been changed to 'OE' or 'oe'.
  • Ope A cobweb world of thin, transparent shapes, Though limp as silk, the magic woof proves wrought Stronger than steel: no outlets, no escapes Ope to the struggling spirit, trapped and caught.
  • Ora He entered with the long train under a low arch, and presently he was kneeling in a narrow cell before an image of the Blessed Maiden holding the Divine Child in her arms, and his lips seemed to whisper, Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis!
  • Orval Orval Butcher (December 1, 1917 Valton, Wisconsin –October 5, 2010) was the founding pastor of Skyline Church located in Lemon Grove, California, a suburb of San Diego.
  • Ova The ova of these fish will be received shortly before they are ready to hatch out, as was the case with the trout ova.
  • Wove
  • Dave Ye might as well know first as last, Dave Pelchie, and Sam Purvis, that if ye interfere with this property agin ye won't git off as easy as ye have this time.
  • Ole We now arrive at the point in Ole Bull's career at which he became celebrated, and this was due to accident.
  • ORG org defines Service-Learning this way: "Service learning is different than community service in several key ways.
  • You've
  • FAVE Vale et fave, there is no need of my assuring you of my sympathy in your accident-do take the meal from me, it is given with all my heart-Heaven be with you.
  • EAVE The rain came down like gimlets; the air was savage, miserably embracing; the streets were sodden, muddy, filthy, with dirty streams babbling along the gutters; the lights gleamed ghastly, ghostly, hideously, in radiating through the gloom; water dripped from eave, awning, wire, sign, lamppost-from everything, spattering, trickling, everlastingly dripping, till the whole world seemed to be in an advanced stage of the diabetes.
  • OISE In the Department of Oise we have ascertained the following facts:
  • we've Now we've got to get out of here.

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roe, rev, ore.

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