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How to spell OT correctly?

If you frequently find yourself misspelling "ot", don't worry, you're not alone! Here are a few suggestions to help you get it right: try "out", "lot" or "hot". Remember to double-check before you hit send, and with a little practice, you'll conquer the elusive "ot" misspelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell ot correctly

  • at
  • bot The online customer service chat was a bot and couldn't address my specific issue.
  • cot I slept on a cot in the camping tent last night.
  • dot The teacher drew a large dot on the whiteboard to emphasize the important point.
  • ET
  • Got I got a new book to read tonight.
  • hot
  • It
  • jot I wanted to remember her phone number, so I quickly wrote it down on a piece of paper with a jot of my pen.
  • lot
  • mot
  • not
  • oat
  • oct
  • Oe
  • oft
  • oh Oh, I forgot to turn off the oven!
  • OI Oi! You forgot to give me back my pen.
  • ONT
  • opt I opt to take the shorter route to get to my destination faster.
  • or
  • Ot
  • OTB
  • otc I purchased some otc medication for my headache.
  • out
  • OW " Ow, that hurt!" exclaimed the little girl after stubbing her toe.
  • pot
  • pt The abbreviation "pt" is commonly used to mean "patient" in medical contexts.
  • rot The smell of rot filled the air as we approached the garbage dump.
  • sot The sot stumbled down the street, clearly drunk off his mind.
  • T
  • tot The little toddler took a big step as he tried to reach the tot of the tree trunk.
  • ut
  • Wot
  • Yt

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