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How to spell OUSE correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "ouse" and are wondering about potential correct alternatives, consider "house" as the closest match. This common error often occurs due to the close proximity of the 'o' and 'u' keys on a keyboard. Remember to proofread your writing to catch and correct such mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell ouse correctly

  • douse I had to douse the campfire before we went to bed.
  • duse
  • fuse
  • house I always feel happy and relaxed when I am at my grandparents' house.
  • louse I had to shave my head because the louse infestation was so bad.
  • mouse A live mouse was found in the kitchen.
  • muse As a writer, I often turn to my muse for inspiration when I'm feeling uninspired.
  • OISE
  • oust The board meeting ended with a decision to oust the CEO.
  • rouse
  • ruse She pretended to be sick as a ruse in order to skip school.
  • souse I love to souse my fish in lemon juice before grilling it.
  • Suse
  • use

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