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How to spell OVALY correctly?

If you happen to mistakenly type "ovaly" instead of "oval", don't fret! Here are a few suitable alternative suggestions for the misspelling: "ovally", "ovularly" or "oval-shaped", which convey the intended meaning accurately. Remember, even small errors can be easily rectified with these correct options!

List of suggestions on how to spell ovaly correctly

  • lovely
  • oily The pizza slices were dripping with oily cheese.
  • only I can only eat vegetables and fruits because I'm on a strict diet.
  • opal She wore an opal pendant that caught the light beautifully.
  • oral The oral presentation of the research findings was well received by the audience.
  • orally The doctor recommended the patient take the medication orally.
  • orly I found a $20 bill orly on the ground.
  • Orval The orval cheese is a traditional cheese in Belgium.
  • Ova Female mammals produce ova or eggs for reproduction.
  • oval The art gallery displayed a collection of oval portraits.
  • ovals The artwork featured several ovals of varying sizes and colors.
  • ovary The ovary is a female reproductive organ in the human body.
  • overly He was overly excited about his new job.
  • ovule The ovule is the part of the female reproductive organ of seed plants that becomes a seed after fertilization.

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