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How to spell OWNNED correctly?

The correct spelling for "owned" might have been the word that was intended. Other possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "ownned" could include "owned", "owning" or "owns". It's important to ensure proper spelling for clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell ownned correctly

  • -owned
  • banned
  • Binned The can of peas was binned because it was past the expiration date.
  • canned
  • Conned I was conned by a smooth-talking salesman.
  • Dinned The sound of the car horns outside dinned in my ears, making it hard to concentrate on my work.
  • Donned He donned a disguise and left the house.
  • downed
  • Dunned I was dunned by my creditors.
  • fanned The heat was so intense that I fanned myself with my hand.
  • Finned The sleek, finned body of the dolphin allowed it to glide effortlessly through the water.
  • Ginned Ginned was a great choice for our party.
  • gowned The bridesmaids were all gowned in matching lavender dresses.
  • gunned The car was gunned down as it drove down the street.
  • Kenned Kennedy was absent from class today because he had to Kenned a test.
  • manned A manned mission may be too dangerous for you.
  • opened The door was opened and the smell of garlic flooded the room.
  • Opined Opined by the pundits, his strategy was sound.
  • owed I owed her a favor for helping me move.
  • owned She owned the dog for eleven years.
  • owner The owner of the restaurant invited us to dine with him.
  • Panned She panned the painting.
  • penned The famous author penned a new book about life in the city.
  • pinned I'm pinned under this rock!
  • Punned He got punned by the teacher for forgetting his homework.
  • Sinned He sinned and was condemned to eternal damnation.
  • Sunned It was a hot day so she Sunned herself by the pool.
  • tanned After spending a week in Hawaii, she returned home looking beautifully tanned.
  • tinned I bought some tinned tuna for lunch.
  • Waned The popularity of that particular trend has waned in recent years.
  • wined

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