Correct spelling for P

We think the word p is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for p

  • dp Luxembourg chief of state: Grand Duke HENRI (since 7 October 2000); Heir Apparent Prince GUILLAUME (son of the monarch, born 11 November 1981) head of government: Prime Minister Jean-Claude JUNCKER (since 1 January 1995) and Vice Prime Minister Lydie POLFER (since 7 August 1999) cabinet: Council of Ministers recommended by the prime minister and appointed by the monarch elections: none; the monarch is hereditary; following popular elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the leader of the majority party or the leader of the majority coalition is usually appointed prime minister by the monarch; the deputy prime minister is appointed by the monarch; they are responsible to the Chamber of Deputies note: government coalition - CSV and DP
  • gp . mf; note - . gp, the internet country code for Guadeloupe, and . fr, the internet country code for France, might also be encountered
  • lp Post 8vo, cl. lp., =2s. =
  • mp 3 3 Mp 4 and 5 12.5 6 3 Mp 7 11 8 3 Mp H, I, J, 9 20 D-G } K-X } 60 Mp AA-AK} A 8 B 4 C 5.5 Y 4 Z 12 17 4.5 19 3 Mp 22 4 Mp 31 2 Mp 33 8 Mp 34 4 Mp 39 2 Mp 45 2 AL 4 Mp 48 2 Mp 58 9 65 3.5 67 9 68 3 69 3 Mp 73 9 77 6 79 10 80 3 Mp 83 3 Mp 84 3 Mp 86 3 Mp 88 3 Mp 90 3 Mp 91 2 Mp AM 3 Mp 92 3 Mp 93 3 Mp 98 3 Mp 100 3 Mp 102 2 Mp 104 2 Mp 109 3 Mp 112 10 Others 15 Mp -- Total 299
  • np Legislative branch: unicameral National Assembly (150 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms) elections: last held 18 November 1996 (next to be held October 2001) election results: percent of vote by party-NA; seats by party-MMD 130, NP 5, ZADECO 2, AZ 2, independents 11
  • pb "Father! the beast is branded! See!-- What does PB stand for?"
  • pc Alliance for the Republic or APRE; Conservative Party or PC [Alejandro BOLANOS Davis]; Independent Liberal Party or PLI [Indalecio RODRIGUEZ]; Liberal Constitutionalist Party or PLC [Jorge CASTILLO Quant]; Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance or ALN [Alejandro MEJIA Ferreti]; Sandinista National Liberation Front or FSLN [Daniel ORTEGA Saavedra]; Sandinista Renovation Movement or MRS [Enrique SAENZ Navarrete]
  • pd Romania Democratic Party or PD [Emil BOC]; Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania or UDMR [Bela MARKO]; Humanist Party or PUR [Dan VOICULESCU]; National Liberal Party or PNL [Calin Popescu TARICEANU]; Romania Mare Party (Greater Romanian Party) or PRM [Corneliu Vadim TUDOR]; Social Democratic Party or PSD [Adrian NASTASE], formerly known as the Party of Social Democracy in Romania or PDSR
  • pi Lastly are to be inserted the particles Al and Pi; which were in use among the antient Egyptians.
  • pr PATH, s. B 3. p 2. 60; T. ii. 37; L. 2463; Pathes, pl. A. pr. 28; I 77.
  • ps 4.-That men must be conceived of as the subjects of dominion, is proved by Ps.
  • pt 1; Serie Q, Volumes No. 35, 36, 38-42. Instructions to Dorchester, 1786, Serie Q, Volume No. 62 A. Correspondence with Lord Grenville, 1789-1790, Serie Q, Volumes No. 42-47, Pt.
  • pu Unto Pu, once a man, now a god, before whose snowy statues bow the myriad populations enrolled in the guilds of the potteries.
  • P 85. Abt Vogler, p.
  • PX Ciao SC (round saddle rack, saddle and suspension seatpost; light at the rear fender; racks are not removable; chrome fenders) Ciao L (square saddle rack, and only semi-suspension; light at the rear fender; racks removable) Ciao P (square saddle rack, and only semi-suspension; light at the rear rack; racks removable) Ciao Px (round saddle rack, saddle and suspension seatpost; light at the rear rack; luggage racks are not removable) Ciao Mix (round saddle rack, saddle and suspension seatpost; light at the rear rack; luggage racks are not removable; oil tank in the luggage racks)
  • pH Hugh H. F. Norton Philosophy and Theology Jacob Prowsnitz, Ph.
  • BP Examine some sodium chloride, NaCl, before the Bp.
  • JP Political parties and leaders: Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Khaleda ZIAur RAHMAN; Awami League (AL), Sheikh Hasina WAJED; Jatiyo Party (JP), Hussain Mohammad ERSHAD; Jamaat-E-Islami (JI), Motiur Rahman NIZAMI; Bangladesh Communist Party (BCP), Saifuddin Ahmed MANIK
  • PL Don't take them from us, pl-ease!
  • PW Dec 2005 - Apr 2008 Brigadier PW Jacques Apr 2008 - Apr 2010 Brigadier ASJ Fay Apr 2010 - Jul 2012 Brigadier GI Mitchell MBE Jul 2012 - May 2013 Brigadier RJ McNeil OBE May 2013 - Dec 2015 Brigadier MP Moore OBE Dec 2015 - Jun 2017 Brigadier SP Hamilton OBE Jun 2017 - Oct 2017 Brigadier J Blair-Tidewell (assumed Command of 102nd Logistic Brigade (United Kingdom)) Oct 2017 - Present Brigadier G Ewart-Brookes
  • AP After dinner Ap-Llymry made him finish a bottle of mead, which he willingly accepted, both as an excuse to remain and as a drink of the dark ages, which he had no doubt was a genuine brewage from uncorrupted tradition.
  • PG Produced by Jonathan Ingram, and the PG Online Distributed Proofreading Team
  • PK dk. gr. .. Mexico 1835 D. S. S. irrorata cochenillifera Haw. nearly unarmed pk. S. Am. 1688 D. S. S. lanceolata Haw. sp. ye. short.
  • PP 226; Stern, "Abhandlungen," pp.
  • WP Macpherson, Michael Colin The psychology of abuse (1985) Search for this book: (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  • KP The Communist Party (Serbian: Комунистичка партија / Komunistička partija, KP) is a communist party in Serbia.
  • PF But a man's wage is still a mark a day in summer and 90 pf.

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