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How to spell PACEE correctly?

If you found yourself typing "pacee" instead of the correct word, "peace", fret not! Autocorrect tools come to the rescue. Make sure to verify accuracy by choosing "peace" from the autocorrect suggestions. Other similar suggestions may include "place", "pacer" or "paddle".

List of suggestions on how to spell pacee correctly

  • Pace She set a brisk pace as she walked through the busy city streets.
  • Paced She paced back and forth in front of the door, anxiously awaiting his arrival.
  • Pacer I used a pacer to help me maintain a consistent and steady pace during the race.
  • PACES In order to finish the project on time, the team worked at a steady pace.
  • Paces He walked back and forth, his paces quickening in frustration.
  • Pacey Pacey was known for his quick wit and ability to make anyone laugh.
  • PACTE The two countries signed a PACTE to promote economic cooperation and sustainable development.
  • Payee The payee must complete a form with their personal information in order to receive payment.

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