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How to spell PAHES correctly?

The correct spelling for "pahes" is "pages". When encountering such misspellings, it is recommended to use spell-check tools or proofread carefully. Double-checking can avoid confusion and preserve the intended meaning. Communicating accurately is essential, and utilizing correct spelling enhances clarity in all written materials.

List of suggestions on how to spell pahes correctly

  • HES
  • pace She quickened her pace as she realized she was running late for her appointment.
  • pacer The physical therapist recommended using a pacer to help with my walking rhythm.
  • pacers The pacers were eager to lead the race and set the pace for the other runners.
  • PACES The five components of the PACES examination are history taking, communication skills, physical examination, clinical reasoning, and professional attitude.
  • packs She packs her bags before every trip.
  • pads She wore protective knee pads while skateboarding.
  • pagers I have a pagers in my purse so that I can get a notification if an important call comes in.
  • PAGES I have been reading a book with over 500 pages.
  • pails I think I left my pails at the beach.
  • pains I have been suffering from pains in my back for a few weeks.
  • pairs
  • pales In comparison to her talents, my own artistic ability pales in comparison.
  • palls I found several large, dusty palls on the floor.
  • pals I was looking for my pals from school.
  • panes
  • pans I need to wash the pans before cooking.
  • papers She needed some papers to finish her report.
  • PAPS I forgot to get my PAPS scan.
  • parches I need to buy some parches to cover up a hole in my jeans.
  • PARCS I love spending time at the park, specially at the Parcs!
  • parers I am wearing PARERS.
  • pares The pares of a puzzle need to be put in the right order to form the picture.
  • paris Paris is known for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and rich history.
  • parks She always enjoyed going to the parks with her family.
  • PARS
  • parses The computer program parses the text and extracts relevant data for analysis.
  • pas Il ne veut pas regarder le film.
  • pashas During Ottoman times, pashas were governors of individual regions.
  • pass
  • passes As the train passes by, the wind created by it blows my hair all over the place.
  • Patches I need to make some patches for my pants.
  • pates It was her favorite part of the meal, the pates.
  • pathos Her sad pathos touched me.
  • Paths The paths in this forest are winding and difficult to follow.
  • Pats My mom always says "leave your troubles at the door" which is how I know to bring my Pats with me to deer
  • pauses
  • PAVES The city government paves the streets every summer.
  • paws The dog stretched out and placed his paws on my lap.
  • payees The bank requires identification from all payees receiving money transfers.
  • payers Healthcare payers are responsible for covering the costs of medical treatments for their policyholders.
  • pays
  • Peaches She enjoyed eating fresh, locally-grown peaches.
  • peahen The peacock strutted around the yard, proudly displaying his vibrant feathers while the peahen quietly observed from a corner.
  • PEES
  • PIES
  • poaches The chef prepares a delicious dish that poaches fish in white wine.
  • poles
  • PRES
  • pushes He pushes himself to run faster every day.

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