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How to spell PAIDED correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "paided", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to set it right. Instead, use "paid", the past tense of the verb "pay". Alternatively, you can use "settled" or "compensated" to convey the same meaning. Remember, double-checking your spelling ensures clarity in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell paided correctly

  • added
  • aided
  • faded The paint on the old house had faded, leaving it looking worn out and tired.
  • Hided I hided behind the tree, hoping no one would see me.
  • jaded The jaded look on his face showed that he had little interest in the job.
  • laded
  • Paced
  • padded She limped across the room, her steps muffled by the thickly padded carpet.
  • Paddled We paddled across the lake.
  • Paged I paged through the book to find the chapter I needed.
  • paid I have already paid the bill for the dinner.
  • pained He looked pained as he listened to the news of the accident.
  • painted
  • paired I paired the black shoes with the red dress.
  • Paled
  • Panted
  • Paraded The beauty pageant contestants paraded around the stage in their evening gowns.
  • Pared La pared del edificio estaba muy sucia y necesitaba ser limpiada.
  • parted After saying their goodbyes, they parted ways and went their separate directions.
  • pasted
  • Patted He patted her back consolingly.
  • paved The road leading to the town was paved with smooth asphalt.
  • Pawed The cat pawed at the string toy and then ran off with it.
  • payed
  • Pended The check had been pended for more than a year.
  • pied The bird had a beautifully pied plumage of black, white, and gray feathers.
  • Piked I was shocked when I saw the piked snake slithering its way across the path.
  • piled I piled the books on top of each other to make more space on the shelf.
  • Pined I pined for my hometown while living abroad.
  • Piped The birthday cake was beautifully decorated with piped frosting.
  • Plaited The woman's hair was beautifully plaited into a French braid.
  • Plied She plied him with questions in an attempt to gather more information about the incident.
  • Podded Podded is an interesting word which means to have sex with a donkey.
  • pride She received a medal for her bravery and felt an overwhelming sense of pride.
  • Prided
  • Pried She pried open the locked drawer with a screwdriver.
  • Raided The police raided the drug house, arresting several suspects and seizing large amounts of contraband.
  • Sided Tom sided with his boss during the meeting.
  • Spaded The garden was spaded and ready for planting.
  • Tided I tided up my room before my mother arrived.
  • Waded

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