Correct spelling for PAIDS

We think the word paids is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for paids

  • aides The ladies there are only to be our aides-de-camp, and at their peril they speak, till we have settled the whole business.
  • aids It aids greatly in forming the diagnosis.
  • dais Attracted by the aristocracy upon the dais, I was proceeding to stroll humbly in their direction, when I heard the sound of footsteps.
  • pad He was passing the arm of Mesantic that leads to "lily-pad reach".
  • paid At the house Hollister paid them off.
  • pains "I took particular pains to remember the order in which they were put out.
  • paris From Cynthiana, Morgan moved on Paris, and the place surrendered without a shot being fired.
  • parts In some parts of the country there are members of his family who prefer to live just on the edge of the Green Forest.
  • pas The little drummer, a child of scarcely ten years old, tripped gayly on, beating his little pas des charge, seeming rather like the play of infancy than the summons to death and carnage, as the heavy guns of the French opened a volume of fire and flame to cover the attacking column.
  • pass "You've come to ask for a pass to see your brother, Denville," said Colonel Lascelles.
  • patois A few rapid interrogations from the stranger, uttered in the broad patois of the Lower Province, were answered in a mixture of broken French and English by Louis.
  • patsy The vacations spent by Patsy Carroll and her chums, the girl Wayfarers, in the north, east, south and west of the wonderland of our country, comprise a succession of tales unsurpassed in plot and action.
  • Paddies There has been a considerable flow of workmen back and forth between India and Burma and Ceylon, for in those provinces labor is scarce, wages are high and large numbers of Hindus are employed in the rice paddies and tea plantations.
  • Parties As for dinner parties, one is asked at eight or half-past eight; no one is introduced, but every one talks.
  • Patties This amount makes about a cupful of salpicon, which is enough for six patties.
  • Pius
  • Pats "But let us be sure he is not within hearing," Pats added, and he stepped to the door and looked about.
  • Ids unicameral Assembly or Sabor (153 seats; members elected from party lists by popular vote to serve four-year terms) elections: last held 25 November 2007 (next to be held in November 2011) election results: percent of vote by party - NA; number of seats by party - HDZ 66, SDP 56, HNS 7, HSS 6, HDSSB 3, IDS 3, SDSS 3, other 9
  • MAIDS He wouldn't let the maids have any, so they had to go out and do the following themselves.
  • pits
  • pads The city had not quite enclosed the place then, and there were spreading oaks, a pond with lily-pads, and wide spaces of grassy lawn.
  • pays "How can it be out of my line if it pays?
  • pandas The Beijing Zoo is well known for its collection of rare animals endemic to China including the giant pandas, which are zoo's most popular animals, The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, the golden snub-nosed monkey, South China tiger, white-lipped deer, Pere Davids deer, crested ibis, Chinese alligator, and Chinese giant salamander.
  • raids
  • plaits
  • pates "And his lordship, furthermore, requests me to state," proceeded Sharples, in a hoarse tone, "that he'll be responsible for the doctors' bill of all such gem'men as have received broken pates, or been otherwise damaged in the fray-ough! ough!"
  • prides
  • pairs Five startled pairs of eyes were turned in his direction.
  • paws In the pause the wolf-dog raised its big, sleepy eyes at them, then plunged its head into its paws, its wildness undisturbed by their presence.
  • pails Then, as they returned, it was not the woman who was carrying the winking pails.
  • paints Up at the fact'ry she's got a fine job, paints flowers an' wreaths on to bath-tubs.
  • ADS I'll put a few ads.
  • PODS
  • PARS -The variations are similar to those given above for T. pallidicinctus except that there is no slip of pars antica attaching to the tendon of pars postica.
  • PIS
  • PI'S
  • PIES
  • PUDS
  • paydays ” The lyrics reflect the tumble into love: "Boy, we go together like peanuts and Paydays/ Marley and Reggae/ And everybody needs to get a chance to say/ Oh, this is how it starts/ Lightning strikes the heart/ It goes off like a gun/ Brighter than the sun.
  • co-conspirators Some commentators have raised due-process concerns over the use of unindicted co-conspirators.

33 words made from the letters paids

3 letter words made from paids:

adp, aid, dia, sap, pas, asp, psi, ida, psa, idp, pad, sad, pia, spa, sip, dis, dip, pid, das.

4 letter words made from paids:

5 letter words made from paids:

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