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How to spell PAINES correctly?

If you've misspelled "paines", there are a few possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "pains" is a word that could fit the context. Additionally, "panes" could be a suitable alternative, referring to sheets of glass. Finally, "paints" could be another option, if you were aiming for the word associated with coloring or decorating surfaces.

List of suggestions on how to spell paines correctly

  • Gaines Gaines became a famous author in the early 2000s after the release of his debut novel.
  • paine
  • pained She was pained to see her beloved cat suffering from an illness.
  • pains John is experiencing sharp pains in his lower back, so he has decided to visit a chiropractor.
  • paints
  • panes The panes on the window were frosted over, making it impossible to see outside.
  • pans She washed pots and pans in the sink.
  • Pawnees The Pawnees were a tribe of indigenous people who lived in the Great Plains region of North America.
  • pawns In chess, the pawns can only move forward one square at a time, except on their first move where they have the option to move two squares.
  • pines
  • pins I need to replace the missing pins on my dress.
  • pones

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