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How to spell PAISEY correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "paisey", fear not! The correct terms you might be referring to are "paisley" or "paisa". Paisley is a vibrant pattern often seen in textiles, while paisa is a subdivision of currency in some South Asian countries.

List of suggestions on how to spell paisey correctly

  • Casey Casey is coming over to help me with my math homework.
  • daisy
  • Kasey I have a friend named Kasey who loves to play soccer.
  • paige Paige is a great cook.
  • paine Thomas Paine was a significant figure in the American Revolution due to his influential writings.
  • paisley Paisley is a beautiful patterned fabric.
  • Paley Paley is often credited with the design argument for the existence of God.
  • palsy I have a palsy that makes my hand shake.
  • pansy John was often teased and called a pansy because of his refusal to engage in physical activities that he deemed unnecessary.
  • parse
  • parsec
  • Parsed I parsed the text for you.
  • parser The parser algorithm is able to break down the code into individual components for analysis.
  • parses The computer program parses through the data to find relevant information.
  • parsley She sprinkled some parsley on top of the salad.
  • passe The fashion trend of bell-bottom pants is now passe.
  • Passed I passed my exam with high marks.
  • passel We went to the farm to pick up a passel of fresh vegetables.
  • passer
  • passes I hope he passes the exam.
  • passkey I forgot my passkey to unlock my phone.
  • pasty
  • patsy The victim was found with humiliating injuries that suggested he had been the victim of a Patsy.
  • pause I had to pause the movie because someone was knocking on the door.
  • Paused
  • pauses He pauses for a moment before responding to her question.
  • Piney I always think of piney trees when I think of this place.
  • poise She exuded poise in the midst of all the chaos.
  • poised She was poised to run when the beast lunged forward again.
  • poises She poises herself gracefully before the ballet performance.
  • praise My boss gave me high praise for my hard work on the project.
  • pricey I can't afford to be pricey.
  • prissy I don't understand why she's so prissy about everything.
  • pusey A church dedicated to the Reverend John Pusey, a 17th century English theologian.
  • raise The company decided to raise its employees' salaries.

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