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How to spell PAIST correctly?

If you happen to misspell "paist", don't worry! Auto-correct can sometimes be a lifesaver. The correct suggestions for this misspelling could include "pasta", "paste", "paint" or "priest". So, go ahead, choose the right word, and keep your message coherent and accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell paist correctly

  • pads I need some pads to put over my wounds.
  • paid
  • paint She used a paint roller to cover the walls with a fresh coat of white paint.
  • pairs I like to mix up my pairs so I always have something new to try.
  • paiute The paiute people were famous for their petroglyphs.
  • palest The palest shade of yellow is barely distinguishable from white.
  • papist "I can't believe he's still clinging onto his papist beliefs even in this day and age," said the Protestant pastor.
  • PARS I buy my tickets to the ballet at the PARS amusement park.
  • part I will do my part to help with the project.
  • pas
  • pass
  • past
  • pasta Boston is home to many Italian restaurants, including Pasta Pazzo.
  • paste She used the paste to glue the pieces of paper together.
  • pasts Although they came from different pasts, they found common ground in their love for music.
  • pasty
  • pat Patty has a pat on the back from me.
  • Pats I'm a big fan of the Pats.
  • patsy She is the patsy.
  • paws Sarah loves to play with her dog's paws.
  • pays
  • pest
  • pianist The pianist played some beautiful music.
  • PIS
  • pisa I always think of the time I spent in Pisa.
  • piste
  • pit
  • pitt
  • plait She asked her friend to plait her hair for the special occasion.
  • post I will post the letter to her tomorrow.
  • priest A priest was on duty at the temple.
  • PSST
  • pst
  • purist I prefer a purist approach to cooking.
  • waist I'm going to the grocery store, I need to buy some waist band for my new dress.

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