Correct spelling for PAITEN

We think the word paiten is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for paiten

  • eaten It won't do to let things go, and have 'em eaten out of house and home."
  • oaten "If aught of oaten stop, or pastoral song, May hope, chaste Eve, to soothe thy modest ear, Thy springs, and dying gales;"
  • pain It has now another pain!
  • paine Thomas Paine opposed the claim as unreasonable and unjust, though at that very time there was a resolution before the legislature of Virginia to appropriate to him a handsome sum of money for services rendered.
  • pained Still I did not move or speak, but looked at him unwavering, though it pained me to think the women heard.
  • painter Jacopo di Casentino, Painter.
  • paiute The Bannock people had developed as a distinct group from the Northern Paiute nation of northern Idaho.
  • parting "Liza,"-he began in a beseeching voice:-"we are parting forever, my heart is breaking,-give me your hand in farewell."
  • partner "Wake up, partner," he called cheerfully.
  • pastern The bandage starts just below the knee or hock, and ends at the floor, protecting the cannon bone, tendons of the lower leg, fetlock, pastern, coronet, and heels of the horse.
  • pate She held her head and shoulders as though she had carried baskets of fruit or washing upon the crown of her pate since her youth; her glorious bosom was like a bed of lotus buds in the southern wind; she moved like a deer, or a snake, or a bacchanalian dancer, as you will; but in any case in a way which in the present tense caused the Principal to mourn in secret, and in the future brought the condemnation of women and the eyes of men full upon her.
  • patent He was a walking picture of that condition known to patent medicine as "before taking."
  • patient My new patient was a German officer about thirty-five years old.
  • patina Where one is able to meet with early billon money, which has miraculously escaped all deteriorating agencies, it is a real pleasure to contemplate the mixture of bloom and patina, which time has lent to a piece.
  • patter
  • pattern
  • piton
  • platen
  • Patting
  • Patine
  • Putin
  • Patton
  • pates Thus the fish was excellent, and the mutton perfect, while the fricandeau was atrocious, and the petits pates execrable.
  • Patel For the American actor and writer, see Bhavesh Patel (actor).
  • co-produced Before the Flood may refer to: Antediluvian, the period in Christian and Jewish theology also known as "Pre-Flood" Before the Flood (album), an album by Bob Dylan "Before the Flood" (Doctor Who), an episode of Doctor Who Before the Flood (film), a 2016 documentary film on climate change, co-produced by and starring Leonardo DiCaprio

94 words made from the letters paiten

3 letter words made from paiten:

tin, ant, tpn, tea, net, pit, ain, apt, ent, ane, epa, eta, tap, tan, tie, pen, pan, tia, pia, ani, ape, ate, pie, pei, nit, tip, tai, pea, pat, atp, nip, nap, epi, pet, ten, eat, pin.

4 letter words made from paiten:

5 letter words made from paiten:

paite, inept, patni, piane, pieta, tinea, taiep, entia, panti, etian, paint, tenia, piena, tapen, petai, tapei, einat, teian, tapin, penta, inapt, penia, pinte, paine, atnip, nepit, panet, eatin, tapie.

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