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How to spell PALETE correctly?

If you meant "palete", the correct spelling is actually "palette". A palette is a flat tool used by artists to mix colors during painting. Another possibility could be "pallet", which refers to a flat wooden or metal platform used for stacking and moving goods.

List of suggestions on how to spell palete correctly

  • palate Her palate was pleased with the flavors of the rich, creamy dessert.
  • pale Her face turned pale when she received the news of her mother's death.
  • Paled The bright colors of the sunset gradually paled into twilight.
  • palest The palest shade of blue made up the majority of the painting.
  • palette The artist dipped his brush into the palette of vibrant colors before beginning his masterpiece.
  • palettes The artist had an impressive collection of palettes in various shapes and sizes.
  • pallet I need to buy a new pallet for my upcoming shipment of goods.
  • pate The pate was so rich and flavorful that it made my taste buds dance.
  • Paulette
  • Pete Pete is going to be late for the meeting.
  • Pilate
  • plate She put the steak on the plate and sprinkled it with salt and pepper.
  • polite She was very polite when she asked me to leave.

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