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How to spell PANALS correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling for the word "panals", it is likely a typo or misspelling of "panels". "Panels" refers to sections or boards used in construction, interior design or discussions. Double-check your context and try using "panels" for the accurate term.

List of suggestions on how to spell panals correctly

  • annals
  • canals The city of Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals which are perfect for a relaxing boat tour.
  • finals I am studying hard to prepare for my finals next week.
  • manuals I need to get some manuals for the new machine.
  • paeans She sang paeans to the rising sun.
  • pails I need to buy two pails for our beach trip.
  • palls The gloomy atmosphere in the room palls even the brightest of spirits.
  • pals I'm going out for drinks with my pals tonight.
  • panamas I packed my panamas for the beach vacation.
  • pandas In China, pandas are loved and revered for their cute appearance and clever intelligence.
  • panel I am part of the expert panel that will be discussing the future of renewable energy.
  • panels The panels offered shade from the sun's intense rays.
  • panes I need to replace the broken panes in the window before the winter sets in.
  • pangs I felt pangs of guilt as I admitted to breaking the vase.
  • Panics He always panics when he loses his phone.
  • pans The oven is not the only thing that needs a good cleaning - the pans also need a good scrubbing.
  • pants I need to buy new pants for my job interview next week.
  • PAWLS Pawls is a small town in Wales.
  • peals The peals of church bells could be heard throughout the town on Sunday mornings.
  • pedals She stuck her feet into the pedals of her bike, pedaling furiously.
  • penal The penal system is designed to punish and rehabilitate offenders.
  • petals The petals of the rose are fragile.
  • spinals There are four spinals in a human body.

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