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How to spell PANEGARIST correctly?

If you meant to write "panegyrist" but misspelled it as "panegarist", fear not! The correct spelling is "panegyrist", meaning someone who delivers eulogies or praises others. This small correction will ensure clarity and accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell panegarist correctly

  • monetarist Some economists argue that a monetarist approach to monetary policy is more effective in maintaining stable prices.
  • panegyric The speaker delivered a heartfelt panegyric in honor of the beloved leader.
  • panegyrics During the award ceremony, the recipients were showered with panegyrics praising their exceptional contributions to the field of medicine.
  • panegyrize The poet wrote a beautiful poem to panegyrize his beloved, expressing his admiration and praise for her.
  • panelist The panelist provided valuable insights on the future of renewable energy.

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