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How to spell PANING correctly?

If you meant "panning" instead of "paning", here are some possible correct suggestions. Panning refers to the technique of moving a camera horizontally to capture a scene. You can try searching for tutorials on panning photography or learning about the principles behind successful panning shots. Practice and patience are key in mastering this skill!

List of suggestions on how to spell paning correctly

  • caning In some countries, caning is still used as a form of corporal punishment for certain crimes.
  • pacing The pacing of the movie was slow in the beginning, but it picked up towards the end.
  • paging I have been paging through this book for hours trying to find the answer.
  • Paining I noticed a paining sensation in my shoulder after my workout yesterday.
  • paling
  • Panning
  • panting After running the race, the athlete was panting and gasping for breath.
  • paring She carefully peeled the apple using a paring knife.
  • paving The city has allocated funds for the paving of several roads in the downtown area.
  • Pawing The horse was pawing at the ground impatiently, eager to start running.
  • Pawning He is pawning his mother's jewelry to obtain some quick cash.
  • paying
  • penning I have been penning my thoughts in my journal for the past five years.
  • Pinging I am pinging my friend to see if she is available for a call.
  • pining She spent many nights pining for her lost love.
  • pinning She is pinning the decorative brooch onto her blouse.
  • Planing
  • punning She was constantly punning during our conversation, making me laugh uncontrollably.
  • waning The moon was waning in the sky, creating an eerie darkness across the landscape.

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