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How to spell PANISH correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "panish", worry not! The correct spelling is "Spanish". This vibrant language, spoken by millions worldwide, originates from Spain. To ensure accurate spelling, double-check your text or utilize spell-check software. Don't let a minor typo deter you from exploring the rich culture and beauty of the Spanish language!

List of suggestions on how to spell panish correctly

  • banish The king decided to banish his wicked advisor from the kingdom.
  • danish
  • finish I will need to finish my work before I can go out with my friends.
  • garnish I like to garnish my dishes with fresh herbs for added flavor and presentation.
  • knish I can't wait to try the potato knish at the deli.
  • mannish She dressed in a mannish suit for her job interview.
  • palish The pale blue shirt looked a bit palish in comparison to the vibrant colors of the other garments.
  • panes I need to replace one of the panes in my bedroom window.
  • panic I felt a sense of panic when I realized I lost my phone.
  • pans I can't cook noodles without pans.
  • pansy When the pansy sees the ray of sunshine, she quickly hides behind the flowers.
  • parish She attended church in her parish.
  • parrish I'm from Parrish, Florida.
  • perish Many plants will perish if they do not receive enough water.
  • pinkish She had a pinkish bruise on her chin.
  • polish I need to polish my shoes before the wedding tomorrow.
  • punish
  • spanish I am learning Spanish by watching Spanish TV shows.
  • Tanisha Tanisha is always the life of the party.
  • tarnish The scandal did not tarnish the company's reputation.
  • vanish
  • varnish She carefully applied a coat of varnish to the freshly sanded wooden table.

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