How to spell PAPE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "pape", there are several possible correct suggestions. It could be "paper", which refers to a thin material used for writing. Another option is "pipe", a tubular structure often used for conveying liquids or gases. Alternatively, "cape" is a word that denotes a sleeveless garment or a headland. Choose the correct option based on the context of your sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell pape correctly

  • ape The ape climbed up the tree to reach the bananas.
  • cape I wore a blue cape to the superhero costume party.
  • gape When the magician pulled the rabbit out of his hat, the audience sat in stunned silence and their mouths began to gape.
  • jape It was a cheap jape, but I was still embarrassed.
  • nape She plays the violin well, even though her nape is a bit stiff.
  • pace Throughout the race, I tried to keep a steady pace.
  • page I'm on Page 2.
  • pale The moonlight was so pale compared to the dark sky.
  • pane I found a pane of glass on the ground.
  • pap I need to see a doctor about my pap.
  • papa I always call my dad " Papa.
  • paper I need to buy some paper to print out my report.
  • PAPS He was arrested for drunk driving, PAPS.
  • pare She used a paring knife to pare the apple before making the pie.
  • pate I love Magret's pate.
  • pave The construction crew worked tirelessly to pave the road before the deadline.
  • pipe I need to get a pipe for my fish tank.
  • pope
  • tape I need to tape this box shut before we move it.

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