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How to spell PARGETTEN correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "pargetten", fret not, as here are some potential correct suggestions. Firstly, "parapet" refers to a low protective wall on a roof or balcony. Alternatively, consider "pargeting", which means decorative plasterwork on walls. Remember to double-check spellings to ensure accurate usage!

List of suggestions on how to spell pargetten correctly

  • bargemen The bargemen expertly navigated the river, skillfully avoiding any potential obstacles.
  • barrette She carefully placed the sparkly barrette in her hair, adding a touch of glamour to her outfit.
  • barrettes She styled her hair with colorful barrettes.
  • forgotten I had forgotten to bring my keys and couldn't enter my house.
  • Marlette I just got back from visiting my friend Marlette in New York City.
  • Padgett Mr. Padgett is a highly skilled and experienced attorney.
  • palette The artist carefully selected a vibrant palette of colors for his masterpiece.
  • palettes She loved experimenting with different color palettes when painting.
  • parented She parented her three children with care and discipline.
  • Paulette Paulette is an incredibly talented artist who creates mesmerizing paintings.
  • preteen My preteen cousin is fascinated with video games.
  • targeted The company developed a targeted marketing campaign to reach their specific demographic.

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