How to spell PARIE correctly?

If you're typing "parie" instead of the correct spelling "paris", don't worry! Autocorrect might have failed you, but here are some helpful suggestions. Try "Paris" - the enchanting city of lights, "parities" - referring to equalization or "parried" - a term used in fencing. These alternatives should help you convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell parie correctly

  • aerie It was a beautiful day outside, and the birds were singing in the aerie.
  • are There are many students in the classroom today.
  • Marie Marie is my best friend since childhood.
  • padre My padre taught me how to fish.
  • paige All of the kids in the class laughed when Paige said her arm was sore.
  • paine Thomas Paine was an influential writer and philosopher during the American Revolution.
  • pair
  • par Paris is a beautiful city and I'm so happy par living here!
  • para I need to buy a new backpack para mi viaje a la playa.
  • parade The parade was one of the biggest events of the year.
  • pare I need to pare some of these apples.
  • Pared The tree was pared back to the bare wood.
  • parer
  • pares She likes to wear pares, which is French for " PAIRS "
  • pariah After she was kicked out of the popular group, she became a pariah among her peers.
  • paring She was paring the potatoes with a sharp knife.
  • paris The city of Paris is a beautiful place to visit.
  • parish I was raised in a Catholic parish.
  • parity A mathematician is always looking for parity in equations.
  • parole She has been on parole for three years.
  • parr
  • Parried The fencer skillfully parried his opponent's sword thrust.
  • Parries The skilled fencer parries all of his opponent's attacks.
  • parry He managed to parry the opponent's sword with ease.
  • parse I tried to parse the message but I don't understand it.
  • Pearlie
  • pie I want a pie for dessert.
  • pore I use a facial pore strip to clean out the pores on my nose.
  • prairie The prairie was filled with tall grass and wildflowers.
  • price The price of the painting was too high for me to purchase.
  • pride He felt an overwhelming sense of pride after finishing the marathon.
  • Pried Pried the beef off the bone with her teeth
  • Prier I always prier before going to bed.
  • pries
  • prig The new professor's air of superiority and constant criticism of others earned him a reputation as a prig.
  • prim I prefer my Prim brand of soda over any other.
  • prime The prime of her career was during the early 2000s.
  • prize I won a prize!
  • pure
  • puree The chef used a blender to puree the soup until it was completely smooth.
  • purine
  • pyre The villagers built a pyre to burn the body of the deceased king.
  • pyrite allot of times you can find pyrite in nature.
  • spare I always carry a spare tire in case of a flat.

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