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How to spell PARKET correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "parket" instead of "parquet", don't worry! Parquet refers to a type of flooring made from small, interlocking wood pieces. To correct the misspelling, you can simply replace "parket" with "parquet".

List of suggestions on how to spell parket correctly

  • carpet I need to vacuum the carpet in my room.
  • market
  • packed The train was so packed that I had to stand for the entire journey.
  • packer The packer loaded the boxes onto the truck for transport.
  • packet The packet of information contained crucial data for the project.
  • packets I received three packets of information in the mail.
  • parakeet I have a parakeet named Joe.
  • Pared
  • pareto The Pareto chart is a visual representation of the 80/20 rule.
  • park
  • parka I wore my thick parka to stay warm during the snowstorm.
  • parked
  • parker My friend Parker is one of the most talented artists I know.
  • parks The city boasts many parks to enjoy.
  • parky "I need to grab a heavier jacket, it's quite parky out there today," said Sarah as she looked out the window.
  • parquet The living room floor was covered in beautiful oak parquet.
  • part I refuse to contribute to a division of society which believes that part of the pie is more deserving than the rest.
  • perked She perked up when he mentioned the job opportunity.
  • picket The workers decided to go on a picket in front of the factory, demanding better working conditions.
  • placket I love the placket detail on this shirt.
  • pocket She put her phone in her pocket.
  • porker I am going to go get some porker for lunch.
  • sparked She was so excited to see him that her spark was sparked.

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