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How to spell PAROUSE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "parouse" instead of "peruse", don't worry! The correct spelling is "peruse", meaning to read carefully. Double-check your work to ensure accuracy. Remember, spell-check tools can be helpful in detecting such errors, and they might suggest the correct spelling too!

List of suggestions on how to spell parouse correctly

  • Arose I arose early this morning to catch the sunrise.
  • arouse The thrilling music in the nightclub was enough to arouse my senses.
  • carouse After winning the game, the team decided to carouse at the local bar.
  • carouser The carouser stumbled out of the bar, unable to walk straight after a night of heavy drinking.
  • grouse I heard a grouse call from the woods as I was hiking.
  • larousse I consult the Larousse dictionary every time I encounter a new French word.
  • parlous The party became quite a parlous affair.
  • parole
  • parse The programmer had to carefully parse through the code to find the bug.
  • pause I'm going to take a quick pause to gather my thoughts.
  • peruse I plan to peruse the library shelves for a good novel to read.
  • porous The sponge is porous and absorbs a lot of water.
  • profuse He was profuse in his praise for her work.
  • prose She was a gifted writer of both poetry and prose.
  • proust I recently read "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust.
  • rouse I tried to rouse my friend from his deep sleep with loud noises but he didn't even stir.

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