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How to spell PARPET correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "parpet", chances are that you actually meant to write "parapet". A parapet is a low protective wall on the edge of a roof, balcony or bridge. To avoid misspelling this word in the future, try using autocorrect and checking the spelling in a dictionary.

List of suggestions on how to spell parpet correctly

  • capet
  • Carped I carped about the cleanliness of our office space, and made sure everyone pitched in to maintain it.
  • carpet The carpet in my bedroom is soft and cozy.
  • Harped She harped on his mistakes for hours, causing him to become increasingly frustrated.
  • lappet The bird's lappet fluttered in the wind as it soared through the sky.
  • packet
  • pallet I found a pallet of wood in the alley.
  • paper I need to get a paper for my math test.
  • parapet The soldiers crouched behind the sturdy parapet, peering out for any sign of enemy fire.
  • Pared
  • pareto Pareto efficiency is the most important principle of economics.
  • parked
  • parquet The old mansion had a beautiful parquet floor that had been carefully laid by skilled craftsmen.
  • parrot She keeps a parrot on her shoulder.
  • Parsed The program successfully parsed the data and generated an output.
  • part I will only be a part of the project if my team members are committed to it as well.
  • parted After we had finished eating, we quickly parted ways.
  • pauper The pauper was very grateful for the food.
  • poppet Sarah's grandmother gave her a beautiful handcrafted poppet as a present.
  • puppet I'm a puppet in their show.
  • tappet The car's engine had been misfiring for months, and the owner decided to inspect the tappet.
  • warped The warped metal signaled the end of the hallway.

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