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How to spell PARREL correctly?

If you meant to spell "parallel", some possible correct suggestions could be "parallel", "parallax" or "paralysis". If you meant to spell "barrel", some possible correct suggestions could be "barrel", "barbels" or "barrels". Double check the context and intended meaning before selecting a correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell parrel correctly

  • Ariel
  • barrel
  • carrel I spent the afternoon studying in my carrel at the library.
  • Darrel
  • Darrell
  • Darryl Darryl insisted on checking every detail before submitting the proposal.
  • farrell
  • Harrell Harrell is a surname of English origin typically associated with the north of England.
  • laurel The athlete received a wreath made of laurel leaves after winning the marathon.
  • paired The new students were paired with their senior mentors for the orientation program.
  • panel The panel of judges carefully reviewed each contestant's performance before deciding on a winner.
  • parcel
  • pare She picked up the knife and began to pare the apple.
  • Pared
  • parer
  • pares He pares the apple with a knife before eating it.
  • parley The two sides came to parley and agreed to a ceasefire.
  • parnell
  • parr
  • Parried The skilled fencer parried the opponent's thrust effortlessly.
  • Parries She avoided his impending Parries with a nimble Turn.
  • parrot I taught my parrot how to say "Hello world!
  • parry The skilled fencer was able to parry all his opponent's attacks.
  • passel After the fishing trip, they had a passel of fish to clean and prepare.
  • Patel Ram Rao Patel is a Indian politician and the Deputy Prime Minister of India.
  • patrol The police officer went on patrol to keep the neighborhood safe.
  • petrel The petrel is a seabird that can fly long distances without stopping.
  • Purred The cat purred contentedly as she enjoyed a warm bed.
  • quarrel The two friends had a quarrel over who was going to pay for the dinner.
  • sorrel I picked up some sorrel berries on my walk this morning.

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