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How to spell PARRT correctly?

There are a number of possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling "parrt". Depending on the intended meaning, options might include "part", "parrot", "partner", "party" or "pardon". It is important to consider the context in order to determine the correct spelling and meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell parrt correctly

  • padre My father, or "padre" in Spanish, is very proud of my accomplishments.
  • para I need to get a para from the vending machine.
  • pare She used a knife to pare the apple, removing the skin and any blemishes.
  • Pared She spent hours staring at the blank pared and wondering what she could do to fill the space.
  • parent In order to be a good parent, one must exercise patience.
  • parer
  • pareto The Pareto principle suggests that roughly 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes.
  • parity In cricket, parity between the teams is maintained by enforcing a ratio of overs per team.
  • parr
  • parrot The parrot squawked loudly and repeated everything the owner said.
  • Parrots Parrots are intelligent and social birds that can mimic human speech.
  • parry The swordfighter was able to deftly parry his opponent's strikes.
  • part She was upset that the part she was cast in was cancelled.
  • party We're having a party at my house to celebrate Chris's return.
  • pat He gave his dog a loving pat on the head.
  • Perot Ross Perot was a third-party candidate for President of the United States in the 1992 election.
  • pert I think he is quite pert.
  • port I need to find the port to plug in my phone charger.
  • prat Prat, I left my phone at home.
  • purr The sound of the cat's purr lulled me to sleep.

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