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How to spell PARSALS correctly?

The correct spelling for "parsals" could be "parcels". Other possible suggestions may include "parcelles" (French for "plots of land"), "parsleys" (herb) or "partials" (partial amounts or fractions). It is crucial to check its use in context for a more accurate suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell parsals correctly

  • casals The classical guitarist Francisco Casals was a revered figure in the history of classical music.
  • nasals Noses are made up of two nasals.
  • parasols The sun was beating down hard and the parasols were starting to get fried.
  • parcels I have a few parcels to bring home.
  • parlays He parlays his small profits into a considerable amount.
  • PARSECS I walked for hours through the forest, before arriving at the Parsecs.
  • parses
  • parsons Sheila's husband, Parsons, is a big cheese in the tech industry.
  • partials The dentist suggested replacing the partials with permanent dental implants.
  • passels I had to carry passels of groceries up to my fourth floor apartment.
  • perusals The professor spent hours doing perusals of the research papers submitted by the students.
  • portals The game features portals that allow players to teleport to different areas of the game world.
  • vassals The vassals were appeased with gifts of their former livestock.

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