How to spell PART2 correctly?

We think the word part2 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell part2 correctly

  • apart Never think of us, Sarianna, as apart from you-as if our interest or our pleasure could be apart from yours.
  • art If he had-" "He would ha' been angry wi' him-as thou art?"
  • bart Jean Bart, do you take the command below for the present.
  • cart What people are those in the cart?
  • dart Down by the cemetery I have seen them dash into view high up in the slit of sky, dive for the trees, dart zigzag like a madly plunging kite, and hurl themselves, as soft as breaths, among the branches.
  • hart The White Hart Hotel was not far distant from the jail.
  • mart He knew Wall Street ran from Broadway opposite Trinity Church, towards the East River, and he was not long in reaching that famous money mart, where millions of dollars change hands each day between the hours of 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. The grand approaches to many of the buildings made him feel timid, and he could not help but wonder if the place to which he was going was also so magnificent.
  • pact He read on the parchment, in letters of fire, the pact of seven years, opened his arm with his knife, and signed with the crow's quill.
  • pad There was a window where we dared not show ourselves, though the day was fair without, and by it was an old bureau, open, with its pad of blotting-paper, and some letters, all smothered with fragments of glass and new dust.
  • paid I will see that you are well paid for your part of the work.
  • pant Either the wind never comes back, and India gasps to an untimely death, or the wind does come back, and in the pant of reaction your blow-that’s to say your labour-is lost, morally lost labour that you might have spent where it would n’t have been lost.
  • par Par ici, par ici."
  • para Para, Parnahyba, Parahyba, Santos and Rio Grande do Sul are river ports situated near the sea on rivers having the same name; but, with the exception of Para and Santos, they are difficult of access and are of secondary importance.
  • pare Pare, core, and mince six pounds of apples; shred three pounds of fresh suet, and stone three pounds of raisins minced.
  • park Henry and I took a sad walk through the park.
  • parr It was Mrs. Parr who appealed to him from time to time for a confirmation of her views concerning composition, drawing, and high lights, and each appeal presented itself to him as an interruption.
  • part Upon what sort of terms did you part?
  • parts Wish I'd stayed in my own parts."
  • party I asked who would be of the party besides Shadrach and Orme, and was told no one, as all were afraid.
  • past He glanced at his watch-precisely half-past eleven.
  • pat When Walter had finished Pat continued.
  • pate His wife was applying cold-water bandages and tenderness to that bald pate of his when she knew better than any one that what he needed was a stiff dose of salts and castor oil and a little self-control on the nights she had ham and cabbage for supper.
  • patty And I would go to Patty's cot And Patty came to me; Each knew the other's very thought Under the hawthorn tree....
  • peat The mist hung there, darkening everything with its whiteness, ever sinking in slow fall upon the slippery peat and the heather and the gray old stones.
  • pert No dapper, slim, black-and-white pert miss, with a wisp of apron and a knowledgeous eye.
  • pet And you, Mary, my darling, my sweet little pet!
  • pit He perceived how misguided he had been ever to suppose that he could pit his pigmy wits against this smooth-faced worker of wonders.
  • pitt On that occasion Pitt had argued, from the great subsequent increase in the population and wealth of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and in the prosperity of the whole country of Scotland, that a similar result might be looked for in Ireland.
  • poet Charles Stoddard, our poet, had his genius completely crushed under the $20 that he did not receive for his work.
  • port An' they tell me, him and his women gat the ship safely into port, and the folk shooted, 'Bravo, Jimmy Stone!
  • porto The harbors of Luni, Albenga, San Remo, and Savona west of Genoa, and of Porto Fino on the other side, are filling up, and the coast near Carrara and Massa is said to have advanced upon the sea to a distance of 475 feet in thirty-three years.
  • pout But Madeleine merely gave a pout of little interest.
  • prat It is supported by Popular Unity Candidacy, Col·lectiu Drassanes, Constituents per la Ruptura, Internationalist Struggle, In Struggle, Corrent Roig, The Greens–Green Alternative, Endavant, Poble Lliure, Arran, Sindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans, Coordinadora Obrera Sindical and local parties Alternativa d'Esquerres de Cornellà, Alternativa dEsquerres del Prat, Compromís per Ripollet and Alternativa Ciutadana de Rubí.
  • pt Olive Oil 1-2 pt.
  • put "I thought I'd put it that way so you'd understand, that's all.
  • putt And never once have I trembled until I came to a short putt.
  • tart It is more economical to make two or three tarts at one time, as the trimmings from one tart answer for lining the edges of the dish for another, and so much paste is not required as when they are made singly.
  • wart TREATMENT: If the wart is located where there is hair surrounding it, cut away the hair, then wash the wart and surrounding parts with a five per cent solution of Carbolic Acid and clip the wart off with a sharp pair of scissors or knife.
  • Patti The fact that the young American had sung it before other artists had, with the exception of Patti and Titjiens, and that she was generally believed to know something about it, mattered not at all.
  • PARC Alex Simoneau came back after a night of the hospitality of M. Lontane, and soon was joyous again, telling his wondrous epic of the main to the beach-combers in the parc de Bougainville or in the Paris saloon, where the brown and white toilers of land and sea make merry.
  • PARS 2. And here you seem plainly to confound all kingdoms by turning the pars imperans into the pars subdita, and vice versa; if the king be subject, how are they his subjects?
  • KART Kart circuit, a race track designed for kart racing
  • pot If there is any water in the pot turn it off, and put it back on the fire, and let the potatoes steam a few moments longer.

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