How to spell PARTEY correctly?

We think the word partey is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell partey correctly

  • arty I'm not really into arty movies.
  • paiute The Paiute tribe is a Native American tribe that resides primarily in Nevada, Utah, and California.
  • pare I need to pare down my wardrobe and get rid of clothes I haven't worn in years.
  • Pared
  • pareto The Pareto chart illustrated the distribution of defects in the manufacturing process.
  • parity The company strives to ensure pay parity for all employees, regardless of gender or race.
  • parley The two sides met in a parley to discuss a ceasefire.
  • part
  • parted After saying a tearful goodbye, the two friends parted ways.
  • partied The next night, he decided to relax and partied with his friends at a local bar.
  • Parties I love attending fun parties with my friends.
  • partly I partly agreed with her.
  • partner
  • parts She had to take her parts off to clean them.
  • partway I stopped partway up the mountain to catch my breath.
  • party I am excited to attend the birthday party this weekend.
  • paste
  • pasty I love eating a delicious pasty from the Cornish bakery.
  • pat Mom was patting me on the head.
  • pate I had to pate for my dinner.
  • Patel My aunt is named Patel.
  • pates I love to try new varieties of pates when I travel abroad.
  • patsy He was just a patsy, used by his boss to take the fall for the embezzlement scheme.
  • patter The conversation was peppered with patter about the upcoming ball game.
  • patty I always get the patty with my sandwich.
  • peaty The peaty soil was quite damp.
  • pert The party planner is always pert when she sees a new design.
  • Pete Pete doesn't like to wear the same clothes more than three times.
  • piety Her piety was matched only by her kindness towards others.
  • pity I have pity for those who have lost their homes in the recent hurricane.
  • port I need to get the book to the port.
  • porter He pulled out his wallet to pay the porter.
  • prate She prated on and on about her latest dating adventure.
  • prater The playground is a great place to take a break and prater.
  • prey The prey was easy to lure in with the enticing aroma of the wild parsnip plants.

Misspelling of the day


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  • calms
  • cams
  • chlamys
  • claim
  • claimers
  • claims
  • clam
  • clamors
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