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How to spell PARTINERS correctly?

If you meant to spell "partners" instead of "partiners", here are some correct suggestions. Spellcheck can often catch these errors, but it's still good practice to double-check your work. Other suggestions include checking the spellings in a dictionary or asking a colleague or friend to proofread your work.

List of suggestions on how to spell partiners correctly

  • artiness She poked fun at his artiness with a casual disinterest.
  • Parties We attended two different parties last night.
  • partings The partings at the train station were always difficult for the young couple in love.
  • partner I am excited to have a new partner in my business venture.
  • partners My business partners and I have a meeting scheduled for next Monday to discuss our upcoming projects.
  • pastiness She looked unwell, with dark circles under her eyes, a pastiness to her skin, and a slightly clammy feel to the touch.

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