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How to spell PARTRY correctly?

If you accidentally typed "partry" instead of "party", don't worry! Auto-correct mishaps happen to the best of us. Here are some suggestions to fix the misspelling: "party", "patry", "patty", "partly" or "parley". Remember to double-check your text before sending to avoid such errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell partry correctly

  • artery The coronary artery is responsible for providing blood supply to the heart muscle.
  • paltry The amount he donated to charity was paltry compared to his vast wealth.
  • pantry I need to organize my pantry because I can't find anything in there.
  • parer Parer means to precede.
  • parity The parity error was detected on the drive.
  • parody The comedian performed a hilarious parody of a popular song during his stand-up routine.
  • parr
  • parry He managed to parry the opponent's sword attack by swiftly moving to the side.
  • part I always feel like a part of the group when I'm at the party.
  • partly I partly agreed with him.
  • parts
  • partway I stopped partway through my run to catch my breath.
  • party We had a great time at the birthday party last night.
  • pastry My grandmother is a pastry chef.
  • patsy The victim was obviously a patsy.
  • patty I'm sorry, I couldn't pick up your patty.
  • perry I have a Perry for lunch.
  • poetry Do you like poetry?
  • portray
  • tarry The children were waiting for their mother but she never came so they started to tarry.
  • Tartary The Tartary is a vast region stretching across parts of Siberia and Manchuria.

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