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How to spell PASETING correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "paseting", fear not! Here's a list of possible correct suggestions: pasting, pasturing, pasteling, pastel, pastier, patting, pacing, pastime, pouting, wasting. Always remember to double-check your work to ensure accuracy. Happy typing!

List of suggestions on how to spell paseting correctly

  • basting She kept basting the turkey every 30 minutes until it was perfectly browned.
  • casting The casting process for the new movie was lengthy and competitive.
  • Faceting Faceting is a process of cutting gemstones to create a succession of facets on the cutting edge.
  • fasting Fasting is a common practice in many religions and cultures.
  • Hasting
  • lasting
  • painting
  • panting After running for four miles, the dog was panting heavily.
  • parting I felt a deep sadness at the thought of parting ways with my best friend.
  • passing The passing of her grandmother left her heartbroken.
  • Pasting
  • Patting Andy was patting him on the back.
  • Positing I am positing that the correct response is A.
  • posting She has been consistently posting her artwork on Instagram for the past two years.
  • tasting I always enjoy tasting different wines.
  • wasting I can't believe she's wasting food like that.

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