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How to spell PASH correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "pash" and are looking for the correct spelling, there are a few options to consider. The correct spelling could be "bash" if you meant a forceful strike, "cash" if you were referring to money or "rash" if you were talking about skin irritation. Always double-check for accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell pash correctly

  • ash
  • bash He decided to bash the wall in frustration.
  • cash I need to go to the ATM to withdraw cash to pay for my groceries.
  • dash I need to add a dash of salt to the soup to enhance its flavor.
  • gash The doctor had to stitch up the deep gash on his arm.
  • hash The chef sprinkled some hash over the breakfast platter.
  • lash She used her mascara to carefully apply the black lash to her right eye.
  • mash
  • nash
  • Pah
  • pas
  • pasha In the Ottoman Empire, a pasha was a military commander or governor.
  • pass She was worried she might not pass the exam.
  • past I am always looking towards the future, never dwelling on the past.
  • path The hiker followed the trail that led him through the dense forest and onto a cliffside path.
  • plash As I walked alongside the river, the plash of the water soothed my mind.
  • posh The restaurant had a posh and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • push I need to push this heavy box across the room.
  • rash I have a rash on my arm that's been bothering me for days.
  • sash She wore a beautiful red sash with her elegant dress.
  • wash

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