Correct spelling for PASIANCE

We think the word pasiance is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pasiance

  • chance "That's my only chance.
  • panacea Mr. Kingsnorth, if your temper does not improve after a dose of my society, my husband's faith in me as a panacea for all troubles of the mind will have gone forever.
  • parlance As a general thing, however, they are more like to deer than any other animals; and many species of them are, in common parlance, called deer.
  • passion I have," he cried, in a sudden flash of passion.
  • passionate Well, well, I'm finished with them now; but I'm a proud man, and a passionate man, and I'll be even with them yet.
  • patience Only have patience and wait.
  • penance He had paid in splendid penance and in terrible penalty.
  • perchance Having beaten him, and beaten him, and beaten him, they rest contented with the sure conviction that they have faithfully done their duty; and when, perchance, the poor boy becomes a criminal, they solemnly say without a blush or a pang: "I knew he would come to a bad end, but I am so thankful that I did my duty to him."
  • persian "I will protect thy Nitetis as if I were her father; and she will need my help, for the apartments of the women in the Persian palaces are dangerous ground.
  • pincer
  • pittance
  • pliancy
  • ponce
  • pounce
  • prance
  • prancer
  • prince
  • pursuance
  • Pence
  • Asians United Arab Emirates: Emirati 19%, other Arab and Iranian 23%, South Asian 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) 8% (1982)
  • passions
  • pianos
  • patinas
  • Persians
  • pagans
  • pashas
  • Parisians
  • paeans
  • beggings
  • co-jurors
  • de-riding
  • dupest

223 words made from the letters pasiance

3 letter words made from pasiance:

epa, ane, sin, ace, epi, pen, sip, ice, sec, sea, can, pei, spa, ana, aas, cpi, pie, sic, pac, pes, cia, cpa, sac, iaa, psa, sen, ans, ies, cis, pia, ape, cns, psi, sap, nsc, pea, pic, pin, asp, ain, nap, nec, ani, apc, cap, sep, pan, aec, nip, pas, cps.

5 letter words made from pasiance:

ciena, ansec, ncaas, cania, aspic, caspi, sapei, panai, cenpi, ansai, sepia, pisan, snipe, isnae, necas, capes, aecia, aspie, aspen, spice, pasic, sipan, piena, nepic, pasin, sapne, pecan, peins, isaac, isaan, penis, casei, nesci, peans, spine, ances, incas, scape, cisne, pince, sania, naasp, penic, napas, picea, canap, spica, sapin, acies, asean, asian, anise, pains, penca, anesi, ansip, aisne, apnea, cines, sapna, ipsen, sapan, paani, napea, sepin, saina, paean, apace, pines, panic, sanea, canai, saine, spani, senia, scana, penia, panis, encap, ipana, aisen, naias, apian, pesci, canis, anpac, panes, caapi, paisa, piane, sanei, pians, asena, scien, paine, pisca, cinae, epics, paesi, anies, sanai, sance, spain, senai, pasni, pinas, piana, incae, piasa, space, aasen.

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