How to spell PASRE correctly?

If you've misspelled "pasre", don't worry, it happens to the best of us. The correct spelling you might be looking for could be "parse", which refers to analyzing a sentence or string of characters. Another possibility could be "paste", which involves copying and pasting content.

List of suggestions on how to spell pasre correctly

  • pace He worked at a steady pace to finish the project on time.
  • padre My padre is a very influential person in my life who has always been there to provide me guidance and support.
  • pairs I bought two pairs of shoes for my sister's wedding.
  • para
  • pare I will pare the apple for you.
  • parer Il faut parer cette aile pour que l'avion puisse decoller.
  • pares The chef pares the vegetables before cooking them.
  • parr
  • parry I attempted to parry his thrust, but was unsuccessful.
  • PARS
  • parse The software is designed to parse large amounts of data quickly and accurately.
  • pas Elle n'a pas mange son dejeuner ce matin.
  • pass
  • passe The traditional approach to education is passe and needs to be updated.
  • Passed
  • passel The farmer had a passel of pigs running around in the mud.
  • passer The passer threw the ball to the wide receiver for a touchdown.
  • passes
  • past I used to enjoy going to the park, but now the past seems so distressing.
  • paste I need to paste this picture into my presentation.
  • pastry Pastry chefs often use eggs to provide structure and volume to their doughs.
  • pasture The cattle were grazing in the pasture.
  • pause I need to pause the video for a moment to grab a snack.
  • piastre
  • pore I always have to pore over my notes before a big exam.
  • pose
  • posse I'm riding in my posse.
  • pure It is pure to be honest
  • pyre King Tut's funeral pyre was lit on Apex Island.
  • spare I always keep a spare set of car keys in my purse just in case.
  • zaire A zaire is a type of African Katydid.

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