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How to spell PASSSES correctly?

"Passses" is a common misspelling of the word "passes". To correct this error, first, ensure the word is intended as a verb and not a plural noun. Second, drop the extra "s" at the end and replace it with a single "s" to have the correct spelling of "passes."

List of suggestions on how to spell passses correctly

  • parses The software application parses large volumes of data and presents it in a more easily digestible format.
  • passages Passages through toxins are necessary for bodily function.
  • passe After we went through the museum, we stopped for lunch at a passe.
  • passels The passels of candy laid out for everyone to enjoy.
  • passer The passer noticed a lost child and helped them find their parents.
  • passers The group of passers stopped to admire the beautiful sunset near the beach.
  • passes
  • passkeys The company issued new passkeys to all employees after a security breach.
  • Pastes She pastes the pictures into her scrapbook to preserve memories.
  • pauses He pauses to take a deep breath before continuing his speech.
  • pisses
  • posses
  • pusses
  • sasses My niece sasses me whenever I ask her to clean her room.

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