Correct spelling for PATIES

We think the word paties is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for paties

  • pasties There are, I must tell you, pasties so jolly heavy that they call them 'inheritance pasties.
  • patois They went over the Brenner and looked down into Italy; made an excursion to those singular golden-tinted mountains, the Dolomites, among which live a race of men who speak neither German nor Italian, nor other language known among the hundred dialects of Europe, but a patois left to them from the ancient Latins; they wandered through the valleys of the Inn and its tributaries and wondered at the odd way of living which still prevails in their picturesque castellated mansions.
  • Paddies We were now directly on the left bank of the Chico, and, passing on, found the country more open, and so better cultivated, the paddies being broad, the retaining-walls low, and the countryside generally wearing an air of peace and affluence.
  • Parties "Well, I'm-I'm not used to going to parties now, my dear.
  • Patties
  • Pities
  • Putties
  • Pats It was only Pats, not wishing to startle her by a sudden presence.
  • patsies
  • panties The Blockheads (video game), a handheld device game released in 2013 In music: Blockhead (music producer), an American hip-hop producer Blockheads (French band), a French grindcore band The Blockheads, a United Kingdoms rock band "Blockheads", a song by Ian Dury from New Boots and Panties!
  • patters
  • pates -These comprise every dish of meat, except poultry and game, when roasted; every dish of fish not served whole; also pates de foies gras, sour-krout, snails, meat-pies, terrines, pains of game and of poultry.
  • patios Gazing down from such a height, I had a bird’s-eye view of double patios thick with clustering shrubs, orange trees, and cypresses.
  • potties

109 words made from the letters paties

5 letter words made from paties:

piest, estai, petai, aesti, ieast, patis, piets, tapis, apest, pties, steai, pesta, aspie, paite, saite, spait, spite, sitae, ispat, pesti, taiep, paesi, epist, tapie, setai, pitas, piste, stape, setia, piast, sepat, paste, tapei, pieta, stipe, sepia, tepas, seita, speat, pates, satie, sapei, septi, spate.

3 letter words made from paties:

eat, ate, sep, tie, sea, pit, pas, pie, pea, psi, sap, asp, tia, tip, epi, eta, tap, atp, pat, sit, ies, apt, spa, tea, stp, est, pet, pst, sat, tai, pes, pia, set, pei, sip, psa, ape, epa.

4 letter words made from paties:

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